Democrats Pile on Michael Grimm Controversy

Michael Grimm. (Photo: Facebook)
Michael Grimm. (Photo: Facebook)

Democrats have quickly seized on GOP Congressman Michael Grimm’s latest controversy after he physically threatened a NY 1 reporter during an interview last night.

Both Domenic Recchia, a former councilman challenging Mr. Grimm in this year’s election, and the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee piled onto Mr. Grimm this morning, releasing statements bashing him for his conduct.

“Michael Grimm’s behavior last night was disgraceful, completely unacceptable, and unbefitting of a United States Congressman,”Mr. Recchia said in his harshly-worded statement. “Using threats of physical violence to intimidate the press from doing their jobs is against everything our country– and our government–stands for, and is a shameful abuse of power.”

He also demanded that Mr. Grimm apologize to the reporter, Michael Scotto–which he later did. Mayor Bill de Blasio, a fellow Democrat, also asked the congressman to apologize earlier in the day.

Meanwhile, the DCCC, in an email–entitled “What Was Congressman Michael Grimm So Afraid of That He Threatened to Throw a Reporter Off a Balcony?”–attacked Mr. Grimm for the ongoing federal investigation into his campaign’s fund-raising practices. It was a question from Mr. Scotto about the investigation that enraged Mr. Grimm.

“What was Congressman Grimm so afraid of talking about that he threatened to throw a reporter off a balcony in the United States Capitol?” said Marc Brumer, a DCCC spokesman. “Congressman Grimm is under federal investigation for his potentially illegal campaign activity which has already resulted in the arrests of his former girlfriend and his former campaign fundraiser. The FBI investigation has become such a serious problem for Congressman Grimm that he is now threatening physical harm to reporters in the United State Capitol at the State of the Union address.”

Mr. Grimm did not immediately return a request for comment.

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