Bill de Blasio Really Likes His Wife’s Voice

Bill de Blasio kisses his wife Chirlane McCray. (Photo: Spencer Platt/Getty Images)
Bill de Blasio kisses his wife Chirlane McCray. (Photo: Spencer Platt/Getty Images)

Every happy couple has certain things they adore about their better halves. And it seems, for Mayor-elect Bill de Blasio, that thing is his wife’s voice.

Speaking today at a press conference in Brooklyn, Mr. de Blasio could not stop raving about his wife, Chirlane McCray’s, speaking voice, which is featured in a new video aimed at building support for his signature plan to raise taxes on the rich to fund universal pre-k.

“I think you heard her mellifluous tones in the video you just saw,” the mayor-elect told reporters after screening the video as he began the event. “Her rich tones help to make the point even clearer about how important it is to devote ourselves to our children.”

Mr. de Blasio later returned to the subject as he ended his remarks.

“If I had not already been married to Chirlane McCray and I heard her voice-over, let’s just say I would have tried to get her phone number,” he said with a mischievous laugh. “I must say, I fell in love with her voice 22 years ago. I’m still in love with it.”

Ms. McCray is expected to play an unprecedented role in her husband’s administration, though exactly how the relationship will work remains unclear. Asked about how involved she plans to be in the campaign, she kept her answer short and vague.

“There’s no official role, but I’m going to help out in any way I can,” she said, after being helped with a step stool by her far-taller husband. “There’s nothing more important than investing in our children and I want to see it happen. So I will be putting my energies into the organization and helping it move forward.”

But Mr. de Blasio, chiming in, said he thought his wife could play an even more unique lobbying role in Albany.

“We’re going to hypnotize legislators with your voice,” he joked.

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