Senator Gianaris Happy to See Mayor Bloomberg’s Money Leave Albany

Senator Michael Gianaris on YNN.
Senator Michael Gianaris on YNN.

State Senator Michael Gianaris is ready to turn the page on Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s pocketbook–at least when it comes to large contributions to his political rivals.

Mr. Gianaris, the head of the Senate Democratic campaign committee, said on YNN yesterday that his conference will directly benefit from the departure of Mr. Bloomberg, who has flushed Senate Republicans with cash but will soon be out of office and replaced with Democrat Bill de Blasio.

“When we talk about what changed and what didn’t change is that the biggest change was that New York City, we now have Mayor de Blasio and the Republican’s single biggest supporter over the last several years is no longer in office,” Mr. Gianaris said, speaking on Capital Tonight. “And that’s a million dollar donor that’s no longer in play for the Senate Republicans and in his place is a progressive Democrat who will be working very closely with us to achieve further gains.”

Republicans remain confident they can keep their coffers full and retain control of the Senate with a breakaway faction of Democrats, eschewing the assumption held by some that Mr. Bloomberg will turn his focus away from local issues after leaving office.

“I’m not worried about it,” State Senator Cathy Young, who chairs the Senate Republican Campaign Committee, told Capital New York. “We’ve always had a very positive relationship with Mayor Bloomberg and I expect it would continue.”

Mr. Gianaris also commented on the breakaway conference of Democrats who have partnered with the Republicans to create a bipartisan majority, encouraging them to return to the Democratic fold. He declined to say whether he expects Mr. de Blasio to help primary those individuals next year.

“We have a great deal of optimism about our ability to work together,” Mr. Gianaris simply said of the mayor-elect.

Update (3:05 p.m.): Republican Senator Dean Skelos, a majority leader of the State Senate, ripped into the Democrats.

“Everyone knows that the Senate Democratic Campaign Committee is broke, and still buried in debt,” said Mark Hansen, a spokesman for Mr. Skelos. “Senator Gianaris is just trying to distract people from his disastrous efforts to raise money for the committee.”

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