Lhota Speaks Directly to Camera in Closing Pitch

Mr. Lhota speaking to voters in his new ad.
Mr. Lhota speaking to voters in his new ad.

For the first time in a televised ad, Joe Lhota is not just seen, he’s also heard.

The latest spot from the Republican candidate, who remains nearly 40 points behind his Democratic opponent with less than a week to go before Election Day, features the candidate–sounding relaxed and confident–speaking directly to voters.

“I’m Joe Lhota. New York is the greatest city in the world, but we are one bad mayor away from unsafe streets, failing schools and fiscal chaos,” he says, doubling down on his central campaign message: that electing a mayor Bill de Blasio would set the city back.

“And I am ready to lead,” he tells voters. “We have come too far to go back.”

Earlier this morning, during an interview on Fox 5 , Mr. Lhota said he hoped the ad would “send a message out directly from me to the people … about my sincerity and what I can do as their next mayor.”

The ad will begin airing today on broadcast stations across the city, according to the campaign.

Watch it below:

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