District Attorney Charles Hynes Has a Reggae Song

Charles Hynes may have looked like this if he sung along. (Photo compilation: Getty Images/Facebook)
Charles Hynes may have looked like this if he joined in. (Photo compilation: Getty Images/Facebook)

Step aside Joe Lhota, there’s a new musical act in local politics.

Charles Hynes may be facing the electoral fight of his life, but his campaign also seems to be having a good time, celebrating with a new custom reggae tune.

The “special song” written for Mr. Hynes by Jamaican artist Chris Howell, appeared on the campaign’s SoundCloud account a couple of days ago, and provides a catchy Caribbean-infused jingle for his re-election bid.

“Charles Hynes, represent!” the singer declares. “Charles Hynes! Charles Hynes, my district attorney from Brooklyn! Mr. Hynes!”

The effort seems to be part of a burgeoning trend of musical-themed ads as the election nears it final stretch. Yesterday, Mr. Lhota, the Republican mayoral candidate, released a new ad featuring a dubstep beat.

Mr. Hynes was defeated in the Democratic primary by attorney Ken Thompson but is continuing his campaign in the November 5 election on the Republican and Conservative party lines.

Listen below:

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