Morning Read: ‘Was a Raised Middle Finger’

(Photo: Newseum)
(Photo: Newseum)

Headline of the Day: “Who Had the Best Election-Night Bar?”

The New York Times took a deep dive into Public Advocate Bill de Blasio‘s once-improbably victory. The piece is filled with interesting anecdotes, including his team’s reaction to the mayor’s “racist” remarks: “As they scrolled through the article, Mr. de Blasio’s advisers privately rejoiced.”

New York magazine also took a look at Mr. de Blasio’s climb: “Bill de Blasio was riding to yet another appearance when he got a phone call telling him a new poll would show he had suddenly, for the first time, jumped into the lead in the Democratic primary. De Blasio’s reaction? To check that the call wasn’t a prank.”

There were two big downballot upsets against incumbents last night. Carlos Menchaca, running against Councilwoman Sara Gonzalez, decisively won, as this Brooklyn Paper story entitled “Men-shocka!” chronicled. Also in Brooklyn, Joe Hynes lost a bid for a seventh term, making him the borough’s first incumbent district attorney to ever lose.

Former Congressman Anthony Weiner kept things classy until the end: “So after speaking, Weiner quickly greeted supporters, then left alone. As he rushed into a car, his security team scuffled with reporters. Weiner’s response was a raised middle finger, through the car window, just before driving off.”

And his entrance through a “route which took him through a McDonald’s two doors up the street and into a freight elevator shared by the McDonald’s and the party venue,” wasn’t especially graceful either:

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