Bill de Blasio Touts His Spanish Language Skills

Bill de Blasio in his new ad.
Bill de Blasio in his new ad.
Step aside Carlos Danger, Bill de Blasio is ready to make his own pitch to Latino voters as he and his fellow mayoral candidates increasingly tailor their message to the city’s sizable Hispanic community.

Mr. de Blasio, who has clearly been practicing his Spanish language skills, released a new online ad today where he personally narrates in the language.

And, just like Carlos, Mr. de Blasio said he’s not afraid of taking some risks; the ad touts public advocate’s arrest last month at a protest over Long Island College Hospital’s closure.

“Last week, I joined protestors in fighting to keep a local public hospital open, and in an act of civil disobedience, I submitted myself to voluntary arrest,” Mr. de Blasio says, according to his campaign’s translation. “We’re going to keep up that fight.”

Mayor Michael Bloomberg has been mocked throughout his administration for his less-than-stellar Spanish, which he breaks out at the end of most of his press conferences.

Watch below:

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