How Bill de Blasio’s Kingston Madness Won the Day

The public advocate cooks. (Photo: Twitter/@deblasioNYC)
The public advocate cooks. (Photo: Twitter/@deblasioNYC)

Public Advocate Bill de Blasio may not be the leading contender in this year’s mayoral race, but when it comes to making some mean jerk chicken, he’s far ahead of his rivals.

At Grace Jamaican Jerk Festival yesterday, Mr. de Blasio faced off against Cool Runnings star Leon Robinson and emerged victorious. (The contest was apparently quite the occasion; a campaign aide tweeted “GOALLL!!” as Mr. de Blasio proudly held up his trophy.)

Reached for a response, Mr. de Blasio connected the win to the themes of his mayoral bid.

“I’ve been going all around this city talking about a Tale of Two cities, but yesterday it was clearly a tale of two recipes,” he quipped in a statement.

The de Blasio campaign also exclusively provided Politicker with the winning recipe for the dish–entitled “Kingston Madness”–which can be viewed below:

Place olive oil in pan
Slice chicken breast into small pieces. Add salt and pepper.
Add scotch bonnet pepper
Add: 5 diced dates
Quarter cup of green pepper.
Quarter cup onion.
Quarter cup red pepper
Minced garlic
4 heaping tables spoons of Grace brand jerk sauce.
Sautée all ingredients with olive oil

Add Pasta right at the end.

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