Morning Read: ‘I’m Egg-Static That the War on Brunch Is Over’

A packed City Council chamber last night. (Photo: Twitter/@NYCCouncil)
A packed City Council chamber last night. (Photo: Twitter/@NYCCouncil)

Headline of the Day: “World’s Most Ironic War Averted.”

While you were hopefully sleeping, the New York City Council passed two controversial NYPD reform bills, one installing an inspector general and another expanding the definition of police profiling. The latter passed with 34 votes–the exact number needed for a veto override. Mayor Michael Bloomberg has 2 months to try and convince one legislator to change his or her mind in order to sustain his expected veto.

Unions representing ranked NYPD officers fired another salvo this morning, vowing to withdraw endorsements from anyone who voted for the profiling bill. “Any legislator who supports an irresponsible bill like this is not worthy of the political support of the men and woman who risk their lives behind the gold shield,” DEA president Michael Palladino said.

Even opponents of the bill were impressed with Councilman Jumaane Williams‘s speech, however, which can be viewed 33 minutes into this video. “If you have never been any of the people who we are trying to help and who are dealing with issues every single day, please listen to us,” he emotionally pleaded to the detractors.

After these controversial measures, the City Council voted unanimously to allow outdoor brunching before noon on Sundays. “I’m egg-static that the war on brunch is over,” said pun-wielding bill sponsor Steve Levin. “Thanks to the City Council, the law preventing sidewalk brunching before noon on Sunday is toast.”

Mayor Bloomberg is set to become a grandpa soon! His daughter, Georgina Bloomberg is expecting a child in January with her six-month equestrian boyfriend: “Georgina is pretty excited about the baby,” a Gossip Extra source said, “‘but her dad isn’t too happy about it. It’s so sudden.” A spokesperson confirmed the pregnancy to Page Six.

And celebrity chef Bobby Flay shot down apparent rumors that he might run for mayor this year. “That’s a rumor,” Mr. Flay insisted. “I’m really passionate about New York. I think at some point in my life, I can certainly be helpful in a political arena. I don’t know when that would be. People say ‘mayor’ to me when I say I want to run for office one day.”

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