Morning Read: ‘Give a Tinker’s Damn About Their Constituents’

Bill de Blasio, beard. (Photo: Getty)
Bill de Blasio, beard. (Photo: Getty)

Headline of the Day: “Can a bearded politician win NYC’s mayoral race?”

New York analyzed former Comptroller Bill Thompson‘s candidacy: “His willingness to admit nuance on complicated subjects is in many ways admirable—and running as the moderate, black, well-­adjusted adult when your two main obstacles, Quinn and Weiner, are high-strung Caucasians is not a bad position to be in.”

Rev. Al Sharpton said Mr. Thompson and Public Advocate Bill de Blasio call him once a week, and that Council Speaker Christine Quinn recently “called me frantically to say she did not call Bill Thompson a racist.” As for Mr. Thompson, the one black candidate in the race, Mr. Sharpton said “he’s got to stand for something.”

After blaming his child for his tardiness again, Anthony Weiner received a warm welcome at the Puerto Rican Day Parade yesterday. “You got the best name ever! Everybody loves a Weiner!” a man on a parade float yelled, for instance. “There goes our next mayor. You could run for president with a name like that.”

The Brooklyn Pride Parade this weekend was a different story, however:  “‘Send me a text!’ some in the Park Slope crowd yelled. ‘Show us your wiener!’ yelled others, while some just obnoxiously roared, ‘WEINERRRRRR!’ The former congressman kept smiling and waving a gay-pride rainbow flag.”

Former State Senator Shirley Huntley gave a scorched-earth interview before she heads to jail. “They know what I say is true because they live it every day,” she said of her former colleagues. “Albany is a mess. It’s all about money and power. I don’t think most of them give a tinker’s damn about their constituents.”

This line is also interesting: “A plan was hatched to lure the targets to her home, or at least those who would not become suspicious by an invite. For example, Huntley said the feds ‘mentioned’ Rep. Gregory Meeks, but she replied that he only ‘meets in parks’ and wouldn’t likely come to her home.”

And Mr. de Blasio has a web video out discussing his father’s battle with alcoholism:

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