Michael Grimm Has Had It Up to Here With President Obama

Congressman Grimm is not pleased. (Photo: Facebook)
Congressman Grimm is not pleased. (Photo: Facebook)

As President Barack Obama’s opponents pile on in the aftermath of multiple recent controversies–notably his reaction to the Benghazi attacks, revelations that the Internal Revenue Service focused on conservative-aligned nonprofits and the Justice Department’s unprecedented snooping on press communications–one local congressman wants it to be known that he is also not pleased.

To wit, Republican Rep. Michael Grimm, who represents Staten Island and southern Brooklyn, released a lengthy statement this afternoon blasting Mr. Obama for “bringing Chicago-style politics to the White House.” This style of underhanded rule, Mr. Grimm said, has resulted in a presidency that is “the most secretive, deceptive, and divisive we’ve seen in modern times.”

For its part, White House Press Secretary Jay Carney has said the administration had no knowledge of the Justice Department’s secret efforts to obtain Associated Press reporters’ and editors’ telephone records, which the news agency slammed as a “massive and unprecedented intrusion.”

Regarding the IRS subjecting conservative groups to additional scrutiny, Mr. Obama himself said Monday that he “will not tolerate it.” But on questions as to whether his administration politicized its response to the September 11th, 2012 attacks on America’s embassy in Benghazi, Libya, Mr. Obama insisted, “There’s no ‘there’ there.”

None of that was enough to persuade, Mr. Grimm, of course, whose entire statement ripping into the president can be viewed below:

“President Obama’s legacy is going to be one tarnished by scandal after scandal. This president had an opportunity to unite our country and move it forward better and stronger. Instead, he brought Chicago-style politics to the White House and divided us as a nation.

“Today this president continues to blame Republicans for politicizing Benghazi, when it is his very own administration that covered up the facts. He was slow to react to the IRS targeting conservative Tea Party groups, and today he denies knowledge of the Justice Department seizing the phone records of AP reporters.

“The president claims to be in the dark on one event after another. What are they doing over there? Who’s accountable if it’s not the commander in chief?

“Instead of a legacy of ‘hope and change,’ President Obama will be known for bringing Chicago-style politics to the White House. The most ‘transparent administration in history’ is actually the most secretive, deceptive, and divisive we’ve seen in modern times. This administration has misled the American people one too many times, and it’s time it is held accountable.”

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