David Storobin Files for Council Run

David Storobin. (Photo: Facebook)
David Storobin. (Photo: Facebook)

Former State Senator David Storobin officially filed for term-limited Councilman Mike Nelson’s district today, setting the stage for what will likely be one of the few competitive general election race in heavily-Democratic New York City.

Politicker actually bumped into Mr. Storobin last night at a fund-raiser for socially conservative Democratic mayoral candidate Erick Salgado–although Mr. Storobin, a Republican, said his presence wasn’t an endorsement. The buzz among several attendees was that the former state lawmaker would indeed run for the seat, so we asked him where he was at in his decision-making process. He claimed to be undecided.

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City Council Takes NYPD To Task For Transparency, Passes Open Crime Data Law

Say what you will about the New York City Council, but the group really likes its open data. One thing the group isn’t in love with, however, is the New York Police Department’s lack of transparency. So in order to increase the accountability of police officers, yesterday the City Council unanimously approved a measure that will create a crime map and database that will allow citizens to view crime data and locations in their specific neighborhoods.
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Ah-nold Makes Appearance at Mayoral Debate

Photo Composite (Source: Wikimedia/Getty)
Bill deTerminator (Image Composite: Wikimedia/Getty)

A mayoral election season that has been dominated by one hum-drum debate after the next got a rare moment of levity Friday when former California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger made an unannounced appearance, courtesy of Public Advocate Bill de Blasio.

Mr. de Blasio was making the point that New York City would soon eclipse Silicon Valley as the nation’s tech capital, so he channeled the none other than star of Kindergarten Cop.

“If Arnold Schwarzenegger were here, he would say this: No-thern Ca-lee-for-nia, your domination of the tech industry is being Terminated,” said Mr. de Blasio in his best (though lacking) Schwarzenegger accent.

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The Secret to Being a Serial Ax Murderer on City Payroll

An ax. (Photo: Wikimedia/Luigi Chiesa)
An ax. (Photo: Wikimedia/Luigi Chiesa)

According to Mayor Michael Bloomberg, there is one sure way to ensure he never fires you: being attacked by the media.

“It’s always easy to hire people who follow orders but that does not yield innovation,” he explained yesterday morning at the New York Times Energy for Tomorrow conference. Instead, Mr. Bloomberg said said, one should hire people like Transportation Commissioner Janette Sadik-Khan, “that think like entrepreneurs, who are always looking ahead and pushing the bounds of possible.”

But, Mr. Bloomberg cautioned, “You have to make sure that you support them when people come after them.”

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Democratic Mayoral Hopeful Headlines Event Wary of Democratic Party Values

A rabbi addresses the crowd as Erick Salgado and State Senator Diaz watch.
Rabbi Admoni addresses the crowd as Erick Salgado and State Senator Diaz watch.

In the basement of Ahi Ezer Congregation in the Gravesend neighborhood of Brooklyn last night, conservative Democrat Rev. Erick Salgado gathered with rabbis and other Jewish leaders to raise money and support for his mayoral campaign. And for some, the event was a forum for rabble-rousing against the socially liberal positions embraced by the vast majority of New York City’s Democratic officials.

“It is my party–my Democratic Party–that takes away everything I believe in,” Rev. Rubén Díaz, Sr., a Bronx State Senator, declared in a passionate speech. “It is the Democratic Party–my party–that imposes in our communities gay marriage. It is the Democratic Party that wants to impose abortion. It is the Democratic Party that takes away our rights.”

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Morning Read: ‘For Immediate Release Immediately’

Queens Senator Malcolm Smith, who is accused of corruption, tweeted this. (Photo: Twitter)
Queens Senator Malcolm Smith, who is accused of corruption, tweeted this. (Photo: Twitter)

Tweet of the Day from Congressman Jerry Nadler: “Apologies – I’ve regained control of my Twitter account from angry bird.”

The Queens GOP just can’t catch a break. After a raft of corruption scandals, a City Council candidate is accusing Vice Chairman Stephen Graves of trying to shake her down for an endorsement. Chair Phil Ragusa didn’t bother defending him. “If he went out and did it on his own, that’s not my problem,” he told the New York Post.  “If what you’re saying is true, clearly, we are very upset.”

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Bloomberg Uses Terror Announcement to Bash Anti-Camera ‘Special Interests’

An NYPD counterterrorism  officer watches cameras after the Boston attack. (Photo: Getty)
An NYPD counterterrorism officer watches cameras after the Boston attack. (Photo: Getty)

During his press conference announcing that Boston Marathon bombers intended to target Times Square, Mayor Michael Bloomberg slamed “special interests” he accused of trying to block the city from installing crime-fighting surveillance cameras.

“The role that surveillance cameras played in identifying the suspects was absolutely essential to saving lives, both in Boston, and now we know here in New York City as well,” Mr. Bloomberg told reporters at City Hall.

“We’ve made major investments in camera technology–not withstanding the objections of some special interests,” he continued. “And the attacks in Boston, I think, demonstrate just how valuable those cameras can be.”

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