Rival Roasts Joe Hynes for ‘Apalling’ Conservative Party Endorsement

Ken Thompson (Photo: Facebook)
Ken Thompson (Photo: Facebook)

Last night, the Kings County Conservative Party backed their borough’s district attorney, Joe Hynes, for re-election and, citing his safety record, they formally offered him their ballot line come November. Although Mr. Hynes has been endorsed by the Conservatives for years, at least one of his Democratic primary rivals, Ken Thompson, was outraged by the bipartisan embrace and released a statement detailing his disgust.

“It is appalling that DA Hynes would accept the endorsement of a fringe right-wing group which opposes a woman’s right to choose, gun control and a minimum wage increase, supports the racial profiling of suspects, and sought to remove President Obama from office,” Mr. Thompson said this morning.

He went on to outline many of the Conservative Party’s positions listed in its “2013 Legislative Program,”  including support for profiling, stop-and-frisk and gun rights, as well as opposition to abortion, minimum wage and gay marriage. trans Rival Roasts Joe Hynes for Apalling Conservative Party Endorsement“That is not what Democrats are about—and it is radically out of step with Brooklyn,” Mr. Thompson argued.

For their part, both the Conservatives and Mr. Hynes’ statements focused on his accomplishments in reducing crime rather than outlining a specific policy agenda.

“We are pleased to recognize his hard work with the Conservative Party endorsement,” Conservative Chair Jerry Kassar said, while Mr. Hynes added, “I am enormously honored by the Conservative Party’s recognition of my office’s role in making Brooklyn streets safer. I am very proud of our record and gratified by the Party’s endorsement.”

Another Democrat, Abe George, is also running against Mr. Hynes this year.

Update (2:55 p.m.):  Mr. George has now piled on.

 “Brooklyn Democrats want a District Attorney who reflects their values,” he said in a statement. “Charles Hynes says he is a progressive Democrat, yet he is ‘honored’ by the support of a party that opposes gun control and marriage equality and supports racial profiling. As District Attorney, I will fight crime, protect civil liberties, and help move Brooklyn forward, not backwards.”

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