Morning Read: ‘That’s the Reason the Pilgrims Came to America’

(Photo: Getty)
(Photo: Getty)

Headline of the Day: “Cranked-Up Earbuds Next On Mayor Bloomberg’s Health Hit List.”

Public Advocate Bill de Blasio said one of his first mayoral priorities will be to end the horse-drawn carriage rides. “I would ban the horse carriages in Central Park within the first week on the job,” he said at a Tuesday night forum. “It’s horrible what happens to the horses. I think it’s unnecessary and doesn’t do anything for our economy, much to the chagrin of the mayor who thinks it’s at the center of our tourism economy.”

Could we see some television ads targeting Council Speaker Christine Quinn in the near future? At the bottom of the New York Post article on horse carriages, the report says, “One progressive Democrat is trying to line up an independent expenditure to pay for negative TV ads aimed squarely at Quinn.” The unnamed Democrat added, “You’ll see some spending before the end of the month.” The city’s media market is prohibitively expensive, so it could take large sums of money to make a dent in the polls.

Another Gracie Mansion hopeful, John Catsimatidis, expounded on his gay marriage views to the Jewish Voice. “That’s the reason the pilgrims came to America,” Mr. Catsimatidis explained. “So they could do whatever they want to do. As long as they’re not bothering anybody, this is America. Let them do whatever they want to do. [I was asked], as mayor, would I perform a gay marriage? I said I’m not volunteering to do it, but if it’s a gay couple that’s friends of mine, I may do it.”

While election law expert Jerry Goldfeder offered some optimistic words on the Board of Elections’ ability to handle the mayoral vote: “They have concluded that they can’t get all the ballots counted in sufficient time in order to have the run-off occur in a timely basis. I will say that 40 years ago, when the run-off was first instituted, the Board of Elections said the same thing. They said … , ‘Oh we can’t do that in 2 weeks time.’ But, in fact–although there have been some glitches here and there–the Board of Elections has done it.”

And Governor Andrew Cuomo continued to post a solid approval rating, yet one that is still down from his stratospheric support a few months ago. “Although little has changed in Governor Cuomo’s overall approval rating, there has been major movement under the radar,” said Lee Miringoff, Marist College’s polling director. “Cuomo is doing better among Democrats and voters who describe themselves as liberal, but this is offset by a decline in his rating among Republicans, independents, conservatives, and upstate voters.”

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