Morning Read: ‘Starbucks Knows How to Market Things’


Headline of the Day: “Hiram Monserrate’s Prison Stay Delayed Over Tooth Ache.”

Speaking of headlines, one wonders how many more await Assemblyman Vito Lopez as he ponders a City Council campaign. The latest comes courtesy of the Daily News: “Revolting Assemblyman Vito Lopez dreamed of living in a place where he could legally bed underage girls: News source.” Last Friday, the publication ran, “EXCLUSIVE: Vito Lopez’s ogling of teen intern led to 911 calls by staffer and her mother.”

SEIU 32BJ rolled out a number of endorsements in contested City Council races, and for the seats without incumbents they backed Corey Johnson, Micah Kellner, Marc Landis, Mark Levine, Andrew Cohen, Ritchie Torres, Vanessa Gibson, Austin Shafran, Costa Constaninides, Rory Lancman, Daneek Miller, Antonio Reynoso, Kirsten John Foy, Rafael Espinal and Alan Maisel. The union also endorsed State Senators José Peralta and Eric Adams for Queens and Brooklyn borough present respectively.

Staten Island Borough President James Molinaro has another controversial remark out, this time against welfare for teen parents. “Let them . . . see how difficult it is to support a child or children while working full time and having to worry about paying your bills,” he declared. Council Speaker Christine Quinn, whom Mr. Molinaro endorsed for mayor, rhetorically shrugged when asked about them yesterday, while one of her rivals, Bill Thompson, sent out a press release condemning the comments.

While Mayor Michael Bloomberg went on Face the Nation yesterday and defended his large soda cup restrictions–set to go into effect tomorrow–where he shot back against Starbucks complaining about the confusing rules surrounding its various drinks. “Starbucks knows how to market things, knows how to package things,” Mr. Bloomberg said. “They can change instantly when it’s in their interest to do so. This is in the country’s interests.”

Governor Andrew Cuomo‘s popularity hit a new low in the latest Siena poll, released this morning. Nevertheless, his favorability numbers are still a very respectable 64-to-30 that pollster Steve Greenberg called “the envy of most elected officials or politicians.” Mr. Greenberg cautiously added, “However, the governor’s job performance rating and his ‘re-elect’ number have also fallen by high single digits over the last couple of  months.”

And here’s video of Congressman Pete King boxing over the weekend:

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