Morning Read: ‘Severely Progressive’

He looks happy. (photo:
He looks happy. (photo:

Headline of the Day: “Cuomo’s third-year slump.”

Well, scratch one potential Republican contender from the mayor’s race. “Let me say that unless there is a compelling reason for me to get into the race, I’m thinking more on a national level right now,” Rev. A.R. Bernard said yesterday. “I can’t even say what that might be. Anything could happen in the next couple months. … I don’t know what that might look like. I’m having conversations and those conversations have been very fruitful and compelling.”

At Sunday’s “Women for de Blasio,” Public Advocate Bill de Blasio also rolled out the endorsement of ACORN organizer Bertha Lewis. “When I was in the right-wing gulag, people would cross the street, didn’t want to be seen with me. All of a sudden, people forgot my name. All of a sudden, ‘ACORN’ was the word that people dare not speak.” Ms. Lewis said. “Let me tell you one thing about this man who is proud to say he’s a liberal, who’s proud to say he’s severely progressive. … This man was right beside me when others ran away.”

At least two mayoral candidates responded to yesterday’s soda news with press releases. “Today’s decision is a disappointing one and I hope the City succeeds on appeal,” Mr. de Blasio stated, while Bill Thompson was much more effusive, saying, “Today’s ruling unmasks Mayor Bloomberg’s misguided soda ban policy for what it is: a cosmetic solution to a complex problem. To solve the serious health challenge of our city, we need leadership, not gimmicks.”

A third Gracie Mansion hopeful, Council Speaker Christine Quinn, went on Piers Morgan Live where the host asked if soda industry contributions “clouded your judgement on soda-gate.” Ms. Quinn laughed heartily at the “soda-gate” term and argued, “The soda ban isn’t one of his proposals in this area that I support. Because my fear is with issues around food and obesity, if you say no, people have almost a reflex reaction to do it, to go get it.”

Yesterday, former Council Minority Leader Angelo Arculeo passed away. “I remember Councilman Arculeo as a neighborhood staple because he always seemed to be around as I grew up as a kid and started following the local political scene,” Mr. Arculeo’s modern-day Bay Ridge successor in Bay Ridge, Councilman Vinnie Gentile stated. “Today, I try to emulate some of those same qualities in my role as the current city councilman. We all are indebted to Angelo for his service.”

And at Council candidate Ari Kagan‘s Sunday kickoff, he was harassed by a pretty epic 10-minute heckler who accused him of being a KGB operative.

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