Morning Read: ‘A Beloved White Cockatoo’

Presented without comment. (Photo: Getty)
Presented without comment. (Photo: Getty)

Headline of the Day: “The Mayor’s Geek Squad.”

On his post-Shabbos radio show Saturday night, Assemblyman Dov Hikind had an about-face in his opinion of President Barack Obama‘s relationship with Israel. “You got to give him credit because this was all planned out way before his plane landed in Tel Aviv,” Mr. Hikind gushed. “The President of the Unite States now can compete with John Liu in terms of Hebrew. … The guy, literally, really prepared his Hebrew phrases to make people feel a lot better.”

On Up Close With Diana Williams yesterday, Comptroller John Liu sided with Mayor Michael Bloomberg over his inspector general fight with Council Speaker Christine Quinn. “I’m not sure what good that it would do. … I’ve said maybe it doesn’t hurt but I don’t think it achieves its purposes,” he argued. “The fact is, both of these people–whether it be the commissioner or the inspector general–they’re still answering to the mayor! If I were mayor I would just set the tone for the police and guard it vigorously and not have to rely on yet another person to police the police.”

The Wall Street Journal looked at Mr. Liu’s efforts to capture part of the black vote, making the case that the one black mayoral candidate, former Comptroller Bill Thompson, doesn’t have a lock on the community. “The communities we’re trying to mobilize don’t like that kind of stuff,” said Liu adviser Bill Lynch about the federal investigation into the candidate’s fund-raising. “If it turns out there’s nothing there, we will use that.”

Gov. Andrew Cuomo‘s girlfriend Sandra Lee has a novel. “He is a rugged outdoorsman, fond of canoeing and motorcycles, with a wonkish affinity for the historical details of his trade,” the Journal review reads. “She is a Midwesterner who adores cooking, works in TV and dotes on the family pet, a beloved white cockatoo. … Along the way, she finds love with … a ‘muscular’ teacher and volunteer firefighter with “curly brown hair and deep gray eyes.”

State Committeeman Matthew Silverstein dropped out of the race to challenge Councilman Dan Halloran. “[T]he past year has been one of the most difficult of my life,” he wrote in an email to supporters over the weekend. “My Mom was an amazing woman who wanted me to continue fighting for the issues I care about. However, after consulting with my friends and family, I have decided to suspend my campaign.”

The Council’s Progressive Caucus started to issue endorsements on Friday, notably including Mercedes Narcisse, a Haitian-American candidate running against establishment ally Assemblyman Alan Maisel for term-limited Lew Fidler‘s seat, which became majority-black in redistricting. The Caucus also endorsed another foe of the Brooklyn organization, Antonio Reynoso, as well as Mark Levine, Ritchie Torres and Kirsten John Foy.

And here are four mayoral candidates on Up With Chris Hayes yesterday morning:

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