Morning Read: ‘Killing Bambi’

Headline of the Day: “The #1 Reason NYC Subway Honcho Joe Lhota Will Never Be Mayor.”

Joe Lhota is denying a report that he said he supports hunting Staten Island deer with bow and arrow. Nevertheless, before the denial was issued, rivals John Catsimatidis and Bill Thompson had already blasted Mr. Lhota, with Mr. Thompson’s spokesman declaring, “Bill Thompson will focus on creating middle-class jobs … not on killing Bambi.”

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Jon Stewart Takes on Dov Hikind and the ‘War on Purim’


Assemblyman Dov Hikind may have offered his sincere apology for dressing up as a “black basketball player” for Purim, but that doesn’t mean The Daily Show can’t have a little fun with the incident. Accordingly, that’s exactly what happened last night.

“If you live in the New York area, you may be familiar with State Assemblyman Dov Hikind,” the show’s host, Jon Stewart, began as he ticked off allegations of anti-Semitism Mr. Hikind has leveled against others. “Some of this may seem like a bit of an overreaction, but the guy is standing up for a group, whenever he feels this group has been unfairly maligned or held up for ridicule. So what’s he been up to lately?”

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Mark Treyger to Join Race for Recchia’s Seat

Mark Treyger speaking at a protest. (Photo: Facebook)
Mark Treyger speaking at a protest. (Photo: Facebook)

The field for term-limited Councilman Domenic Recchia’s seat shrunk a little bit when redistricting recently forced at least one candidate to switch races, but politics abhors a vacuum and a new candidate has jumped into contention.

“Yes, I’m in,” Mark Treyger, a staffer for Assemblyman Bill Colton, told Politicker in a statement. “I’ll be formally announcing my candidacy for the New York City Council in the next several days.”

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State GOP Makes a Dirty Joke About Cuomo’s (Mandate Relief) Package

(Photo: Facebook)
(Photo: Facebook)

Earlier today, the New York State Republican Party employed a sexual innuendo in its push for Governor Andrew Cuomo to reform so-called unfunded mandates, which require local governments to contribute to state social programs without the funding for them, so that local tax relief can be passed on to struggling municipalities.

“So Governor, How big is your mandate relief package?” the party asked in a Facebook image featuring Mr. Cuomo making a rather suggestive gesture indicating a small object.

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Long Live the ‘Kingmaker:’ How Dov Hikind Survived the Blackface Backlash

Dov Hikind in his Purim costume. (Photo: Facebook)
Dov Hikind in his Purim costume. (Photo: Facebook)

Brooklyn Assemblyman Dov Hikind has been at the center of a firestorm since Politicker revealed he wore a “black basketball player” costume consisting of an afro wig, brown face paint, an orange jersey and sunglasses to a Purim party at his home Sunday. At first, Mr. Hikind fiercely defended himself against criticism before penning a “heartfelt and sincere apology” on his website this morning. Though the incident and Mr. Hikind’s initial response generated harsh headlines around the world and provoked critical statements from other politicians, several insiders we spoke with insisted Mr. Hikind was spared from a stronger reaction because of the unique power he wields on the local political scene.

One local political insider noted this isn’t the first time Mr. Hikind has courted controversy without facing lasting repercussions. In 2011, Mr. Hikind was one of the most vocal Democrats opposed to New York’s legalization of gay marriage. He bucked his party again this year when he suggested Jewish support for President Barack Obama was a “disease.”

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John Liu Staffer Suspended After Arrest in Alleged Kickback Scheme

Veda Jamoona's mugshot
Veda Jamoona’s mugshot

On Monday, three individuals were arrested and accused of stealing more than $50,000 from a lunch program for senior citizens, including Veda Jamoona, a staffer in Comptroller John Liu’s government office. In the wake of her arrest, a spokesperson for Mr. Liu said Ms. Jamoona has been suspended without pay “until further notice.”

“We have been informed by the NYC Dept. of Investigation that Ms. Veda Jamoona was arrested yesterday morning for conduct unrelated to her employment at the Comptroller’s office,” the spokesperson said in a statement. “Ms. Jamoona has been suspended without pay until further notice. Veda Jamoona has been employed since Jan. 17, 2012 as a public affairs associate at the annual salary of $55,000.”

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Morning Read: ‘Or Just Stand in Front of His Office and Take a Few Photos’

(Photo: Facebook)
(Photo: Facebook)
Headline of the Day: “What Happened to Room 8?”

Westchester Senator Ruth Hassell-Thompson is gearing up for a potential run for mayor of Mount Vernon. Yesterday she formed a campaign committee and her chief of staff confirmed her intentions while saying she’s still running for re-election as well. “She has an exploratory campaign to run for mayor 3 years from now. It’s exploratory,” he told Politicker, repeating the point for emphasis. “That process has to finish itself out. With respect to, ‘Is she still running for Senate?’ Yes, she’s running for Senate.”

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