Mayoral Candidates Line Up to Slam Bloomberg Budget

Mayor Bloomberg (Photo: Getty)
Mayor Bloomberg (Photo: Getty)

Though he still has over 11 months left in office, term-limited Mayor Michael Bloomberg presented the final budget of his tenure today. In the process, Mr. Bloomberg drew some parting shots from the leading Democratic mayoral candidates hoping to succeed him. Continue reading “Mayoral Candidates Line Up to Slam Bloomberg Budget”

John Catsimatidis: ‘I’m Not a Mike Bloomberg Billionaire’

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John Catsimatidis speaking at his campaign kickoff.

Bombastic billionaire business man John Catsimatidis officially announced his candidacy for mayor as a Republican on the steps of City Hall today in a freewheeling press conference that touched on his philosophies on life, business and his positions on many of the major issues of the day. Though Mr. Catsimatidis deviated substantially from the prepared remarks distributed by his staff prior to the event, he did focus on his background as a native New Yorker and his experience as a businessman.

“It’s not that I’m only a business person, I came from 135th Street. I never forgot where I come from. I’m not a Mike Bloomberg billionaire, I’m not wearing a $5,000 suit. I think my wife paid $100 for this,” said Mr. Castimatidis, grabbing the lapel of the wrinkled black suit that covered his ample frame.  Continue reading “John Catsimatidis: ‘I’m Not a Mike Bloomberg Billionaire’”

Mayor Bloomberg: ‘It’s Been Great’

(Photo: Getty)
(Photo: Getty)

Earlier today, Mayor Michael Bloomberg presented his last preliminary budget briefing and, well, the term-limited mayor reminisced a little about his last year in elected office.

“You know, there’s almost nothing that I have done, including–” Mr. Bloomberg began after a reporter asked if he was going to miss preliminary budget announcements, pivoting to change his thought. “Yesterday, somebody said to me, ‘Aren’t you glad that’s the last time you’re going to have to testify in Albany?’ No, I thought that was a unique opportunity to represent the city.”

Mr. Bloomberg then looked more broadly at his record, as well as the country, and reflected on the honor of public service.

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Mayoral Hopeful John Catsimatidis Vows to Be a Leader ‘For Harlem and for Wall Street’

One of John Catsimatidis' campaign buttons.
One of John Catsimatidis’ campaign buttons.

Billionaire grocery and oil magnate John Catsimatidis is set to formally announce his candidacy for mayor as a Republican in a few minutes on the steps of City Hall. Politicker has obtained a copy of the prepared version of the remarks Mr. Catsimatidis plans to deliver. His speech bills him as a native New Yorker who will use his wealth to be an “independent” leader for residents in all parts of the five boroughs.

“In 1949 my parents emigrated from Greece in search of a better life. … Like so many immigrants before and since, they came to our city with little money in their pocket and only a few words of English in their vocabulary. But, they came with a great deal of hope and a desire to work hard so I could have the opportunities they had been denied,” Mr. Catsimatidis’ speech says. “We settled in Harlem and my father found work as a bus-boy while my mother stayed home to care for me. We were poor and times were hard. … Now, 64 years later, I stand before you to formally announce my candidacy for mayor. I enter this race as a true son of New York; I gre up in its neighborhoods, I was educated in its public schools and I started off as a small businessman selling groceries to its people.” Continue reading “Mayoral Hopeful John Catsimatidis Vows to Be a Leader ‘For Harlem and for Wall Street’”

Cuomo Predicts Lower Poll Numbers After New Gun Laws

(Photo: Getty)
(Photo: Getty)

Governor Andrew Cuomo says his popularity probably took a shot after he pushed through a controversial gun policy package earlier this month.

The prognostication in question came during a Tuesday morning radio interview with New York Post columnist Fred Dicker. Mr. Dicker, who’s sparred with Mr. Cuomo in the past on the issue, predicted Mr. Cuomo’s typically sky-high numbers would take a tumble in the next statewide survey and Mr. Cuomo simply agreed.

“We know what the polls say on this because we’ve done it. We haven’t done it after the fact, but they were clear enough before the fact,” Mr. Cuomo replied. “I think your prediction is right.”

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The Secret Behind Dante de Blasio’s Afro

Bill de Blasio, Dante and Dante's afro appearing at Sunday's campaign announcement.
Bill de Blasio, Dante and Dante’s afro appearing at Sunday’s campaign announcement.

One of the breakout stars of Bill de Blasio’s mayoral campaign announcement last weekend was his son Dante’s prodigious afro. In the days since Mr. de Blasio’s kickoff rally at his home young Dante’s hairstyle has earned coverage in the New York Times and inspired a parody Twitter account. Politicker spoke with Mr. de Blasio during his marathon first day on the campaign trail Monday and he revealed Dante’s hairdo may have its roots in classic rock. Continue reading “The Secret Behind Dante de Blasio’s Afro”

Morning Read: ‘I Vant to Have Your Vote’

(Photo Andrew Reid/
Kristin Davis and her consultant Roger Stone. (Photo: Andrew Reid/

Headline of the Day: “De Blasio’s Announcement Is Upstaged by Son’s Hair.”

The “Manhattan Madam,” otherwise known as Kristin Davis, is moving forward with her mayoral campaign. “In some ways I hope my candidacy is like that of William F. Buckley Jr. who ran for Mayor as the Conservative Party candidate in 1965,” she explained. “Buckley knew he wouldn’t win but he used the opportunity to push a set of ideas that would eventually take root under President Ronald Reagan.”

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