Koch Expected to Stay in Hospital For ‘A While’

(Photo: Emily Anne Epstein)
(Photo: Emily Anne Epstein)

When former Mayor Ed Koch went to the hospital earlier this month after suffering a buildup of fluid in his lungs and ankles due to congestive heart disease, he was out after eight days. Mr. Koch returned to New York Presbyterian on Monday and, according to his spokesman George Arzt, though the mayor’s condition has improved, this latest trip to the hospital may be a longer one.  Continue reading “Koch Expected to Stay in Hospital For ‘A While’”

Shirley Huntley Pleads Guilty to Embezzlement Charges

(Photo: Wikimedia)
(Photo: Wikimedia)

As expected, former Senator Shirley Huntley pleaded guilty to wire fraud charges today, and now faces a sentence of up to five years of imprisonment and a fine of $250,000.

The charges stem from a Queens non-profit that received government funds–earmarked by Ms. Huntley–to educate parents about the city’s public school system. However, according to federal prosecutors, approximately $87,700 of the cash instead went for her personal use.

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Curtis Sliwa Says Supporting John Catsimatidis May Leave Him Living on ‘A Park Bench’

Curtis Sliwa (Photo: Getty)
Curtis Sliwa (Photo: Getty)

Red beret-wearing radio host and local television personality Curtis Sliwa stood behind billionaire John Catsimatidis as he announced his mayoral campaign yesterday. He confirmed to Politicker that Mr. Catsimatidis has his endorsement. Mr. Sliwa is the live-in boyfriend of Democratic Councilwoman Melinda Katz, so we wondered whether his backing of the Republican Mr. Castimatidis led to any debates at home.

“Oh yeah,” Mr. Sliwa said. “There’s a disagreement at home about everything. I have to be careful or I’ll be taking a timeshare on a park bench in Cunningham Park in Queens.” Continue reading “Curtis Sliwa Says Supporting John Catsimatidis May Leave Him Living on ‘A Park Bench’”

A Democratic Club in Chelsea Continues Its War on Christine Quinn

20130129 201359 A Democratic Club in Chelsea Continues Its War on Christine QuinnIn the heart of Council Speaker Christine Quinn’s Chelsea base, the boisterous Democratic club named for late gay rights activist Jim Owles met last night for their first meeting of the year where they reiterated their current mission: ensuring Ms. Quinn, who could become the first lesbian to lead New York City, never, ever, ever leads New York City.

“The harshest dictatorship I’ve ever seen has been under Christine Quinn,” said Allen Roskoff, a notorious antagonist of Ms. Quinn’s and president of the Jim Owles Liberal Democratic ClubContinue reading “A Democratic Club in Chelsea Continues Its War on Christine Quinn”

Poll: Cuomo’s Popularity Takes a Tumble After Gun Control

Gov. Cuomo Lobbies Congress For Superstorm Sandy Aid For New York
(Photo: Getty)

Governor Andrew Cuomo reached his all-time high job approval last month, with 74 percent of the state’s voters telling Quinnipiac University that they approve of the governor’s performance and only 13 percent taking the opposing position. As Mr. Cuomo himself predicted yesterday, however, his support dropped after he quickly pushed the passage of a new gun policy package earlier this month. He now stands at a still-respectable 59 – 28 approval rating.

In a Quinnipiac survey released this morning, Republicans appear to be a key factor in Mr. Cuomo’s doubling disapproval number, likely due to the controversial gun control issue. Indeed, while only 34 percent of New Yorkers said the new legislation went “too far,” 59 percent of the state’s Republicans begged to differ. Mr. Cuomo’s GOP approval fell from an astounding 68 – 18 percent on December 12–just two days before the Newtown massacre–to 44 – 43 today.

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Morning Read: ‘Make Another Billion or Give Four Years to New York City’

(photo: cityroom.nytimes.com)
(photo: cityroom.nytimes.com)

Ruh-Roh Headline of the Day: “Solicitations by Liu Aide to Be Focus in Fraud Case.”

Fresh off complimenting an unnamed lady’s “ass,” Mayor Michael Bloomberg has moved on to complimenting a named gentleman’s “balls,” Vice President Joe Biden‘s to be exact. “You know, Joe Biden — you can joke about him all you want, [but] he’s got a set of balls, and he says what he believes,” Mr. Bloomberg told POLITICO. “I’m sure the president was evolving and was about to do it anyways. But Biden deserves the credit. He should be the hero of the pro-gay marriage community.”

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Thrill Bill: Thompson Is Ready to Bust Out of His Boring Brand ‘Bit by Bit’

(Photo: Dale Stephanos)
(Art: Dale Stephanos)

“My phrasing may be too responsible, I don’t know.”

Bill Thompson, a candidate for mayor this year, was waxing philosophical last week about why his policy statements might not have the same pizazz as his competitors’ fiery pronouncements.

“If I had thrown an expletive in, maybe it would have gotten more attention. But then people would have to bleep it out,” he continued, sipping coffee. “Then it would be, ‘Bill Thompson, he doesn’t have the temperament to be the mayor of the City of New York!’”

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