Morning Read: ‘I May Do Some Tango Moves’

Shelly Silver, Darryl Strawberry, Shaq and vegetables. (Photo: CapitalNewYork).
Shelly Silver, Darryl Strawberry, Shaq and vegetables. (Photo: CapitalNewYork).

Headline of the Day: “Report: Nearly 1,500 State Employees Made More Than Gov. Cuomo Last Year.”

In his bid for Queens Borough President, State Senator José Peralta rolled out endorsements from his fellow Dominican-American elected officials in other corners of the city today, including Councilman Ydanis Rodríguez and Assembly members Nelson Castro and Gabriella Rosa, with the New York Dominican Officers Organization thrown in for good measure. “Jose Peralta shares my belief in the American Dream, because he knows what it is like to grow up in a family of immigrants,” Mr. Rodríguez said.

Ever wanted to go out on a day with Congressman Michael Grimm? New Yorkers will have exactly that opportunity on February 8th when a Bay Ridge bachelor auction is set to include both Mr. Grimm and former State Senate candidate Andrew Gounardes.  “I’m taking tango lessons, so I may do some tango moves,” Mr. Gounardes said of his preparation. Proceeds will go to helping cancer patients.

New York Magazine conducted a number of man-in-the-street interviews to test businessman John Catsimatidis‘ vow to be a mayor for all New Yorkers, “whether you are a cab driver from South Asia, a bodega owner from the Caribbean or an aspiring actor from the Midwest.” Needless to say they got the full range of reactions. “Who cares? What [billionaire] cares!” one cabbie said, getting heated. “Like Bloomberg! Sandy [comes] and he don’t give anybody pennies.”

The investigation of Comptroller John Liu is reportedly coming to a close, with federal prosecutors failing to accumulate enough evidence to indict him as the trial against his treasurer and donor begin. Nevertheless, as The New York Times pointed out, “[C]ourt filings have already presented an unflattering portrait of Mr. Liu … and his campaign finances, raising questions about his management style, his character and what he might have known about any misconduct. In essence, the trial could render a public judgment on him.”

Mr. Liu was among five mayoral candidates at an education forum hosted by the principal’s union last evening where he joined former Comptroller Bill Thompson in saying the schools have not improved under Mayor Bloomberg’s administration. Council Speaker Christine Quinn and Manhattan Media CEO Tom Allon said the opposite, however, while Public Advocate Bill de Blasio said “yes” for Mr. Bloomberg’s first term but “no” since then.

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