Alec Baldwin Isn’t Running for Mayor, Likes Bill de Blasio for the Job

(Photo: Getty)
(Photo: Getty)

On Piers Morgan Tonight last night, actor Alec Baldwin stated flatly he would not run for Mayor of New York City, a possibility he had flirted with for some time. But that doesn’t mean he’s going to stay out of the race.

“Although it was something I would have loved to have done, truly,” the 30 Rock star explained. “I didn’t have time because I’m doing the TV show now and I have other commitments. But I’m very interested in what the post-Bloomberg New York will look now, that’s for sure.”

As to who he would back now that he’s taken himself out of contention, Mr. Baldwin joined his acting colleague Steve Buscemi in indicating his support for the city’s public advocate. “Probably Bill de Blasio,” he said. “Right now, I’d have to say Bill de Blasio.”

Mr. Baldwin, who has criticized Council Speaker Christine Quinn in the past, saved most of his passion to rail again against her prospective candidacy, however. At one point, he even went so as to say she has “blood on her hands” over the term-limits extensions extension that gave Mayor Michael Bloomberg another four years in office.

“She was the one that single-handedly killed the voter referendum at Bloomberg’s behest and gave him the third term,” Mr. Baldwin argued. “I was very, very upset about that. I just don’t think that Quinn is trustworthy. She’s a very, very nice person, I’ve met her. In terms of her political aspirations, she’s a very untrustworthy person; she’s very, very self-seeking.”

Watch below:

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