Mayor Bloomberg Is ‘as Optimistic as You Could Be’ New York Will Get Enough Federal Sandy Aid

1428361281 Mayor Bloomberg Is as Optimistic as You Could Be New York Will Get Enough Federal Sandy Aid
Mayor Bloomberg (Photo: Getty)

WASHINGTON — Yesterday, Mayor Michael Bloomberg sounded quite skeptical the city would get the billions of dollars in federal aid he is requesting after Hurricane Sandy when he sarcastically joked that he was as “optimistic” about the prospect of getting the funds as he had been about getting the West Side stadium he unsuccessfully pushed for. At the press conference after his series of meetings with lawmakers and officials in Washington today he sounded far more confident, so Politicker asked whether he was now more genuinely optimistic his request for aid would be fulfilled

“I’m always genuinely optimistic, although I will say we’re unlikely to get the stadium on the West Side,” Mr. Bloomberg said with a laugh. “I walked away this morning as optimistic as you could be. Nothing is ever done until it’s done. There is always a possibility of other things occurring during the process…but from both Republicans and Democrats in both houses, we got very optimistic buzz, if you will.” Continue reading “Mayor Bloomberg Is ‘as Optimistic as You Could Be’ New York Will Get Enough Federal Sandy Aid”

New York’s Leading Mayoral Candidates Get Down to Business

mayoral forum New Yorks Leading Mayoral Candidates Get Down to Business
Bill Thompson speaking.

Kathy Wylde, the head of the pro-business Partnership for New York City had a question for New York’s four Democratic mayoral hopefuls at the candidate forum she hosted today.

“Will the next mayor be as understanding, as visionary, as sympathetic to issues of the economy and business as Mayor Bloomberg, one of our own, has been?” Ms. Wylde said many of the city’s businesses leaders are inquiring, before elaborating, “So there is consternation about the post-Bloomberg era with regards to who is the next mayor.”

In case it wasn’t clear, this particular mayoral discussion, hosted by Crain’s New York Business, may have tilted a little bit towards the pro-business side of things. But at least one Democrat on stage, Public Advocate Bill de Blasio, pushed back against the idea the business community has reason to be anxious about City Hall without Bloomberg.

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Mayor Bloomberg Doesn’t Have ‘One Complaint’ About Federal Response to Sandy

bloomberg sandy getty1 Mayor Bloomberg Doesnt Have One Complaint About Federal Response to Sandy
Mayor Bloomberg (Photo: Getty)

WASHINGTON — Mayor Michael Bloomberg is in Washington D.C. today meeting with lawmakers and other officials about his request for billions of dollars in federal aid to help the city recover from the damage caused by Hurricane Sandy last month in New York. Though many City residents affected by Sandy have had some criticism about FEMA and the Department of Homeland Security’s response to the storm, at a press conference in the Capitol Building this afternoon, Mr. Bloomberg said he didn’t have a single issue with the federal followup to the hurricane.  Continue reading “Mayor Bloomberg Doesn’t Have ‘One Complaint’ About Federal Response to Sandy”

Dan Garodnick Exits Stage Right

stringer garodnick Dan Garodnick Exits Stage Right
(Photo: Garodnick campaign)

As expected, Councilman Dan Garodnick, who had been firmly campaigning for comptroller until today, formally dropped out of the race and endorsed Manhattan Borough President Scott Stringer for the position. Mr. Stringer, of course, had previously been campaigning for mayor until he dropped down to the comptroller’s race himself.

“When I announced my candidacy for NYC Comptroller, I promised that New Yorkers wouldn’t get any drama with me,” Mr. Garodnick wrote in an email to his supporters. Continue reading “Dan Garodnick Exits Stage Right”

eBay Tells Glenn Beck He May Not Auction Off an Obama Statue Floating in Urine

It seems as if poor, poor Glenn Beck is the next sympathetic figure to be punished by eBay’s Machiavellian auction rules. After subsuming an Obama statue in what he claimed to be a glass case of his own urine, he decided to auction the piece of “art” off, with proceeds benefitting his own charity, Mercury One. Someone actually offered $11,300 for the statue, maturely named “Obama in Pee Pee,” before eBay swooped in and shut the whole thing down.
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BuzzFeed’s McKay Coppins, Future Mayor of New York City?

Noted political heavyweight (or parody Twitter feed) @Wise_Kaplan has decided to nominate BuzzFeed writer McKay Coppins for Mayor of New York.

Mr. Coppins, who covers the political beat, looks like he is down–or at least going with it. He change his Twitter avatar to a campaign poster.

In the event of a Coppins capaign, we nominate @Wise_Kaplan to be his campaign manager. His tweets may not fly with more traditional mayoral hopefuls, but we think they strike the right note for a BuzzFeed candidate.
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The Rebuilders: Governor Cuomo Names Three Commissions to Assess Storm Preparedness

Hurricane Sandy was a moment of reckoning for city, and that reckoning has begun. The general consensus is that the  city and the state must build back better, stronger, and quite likely differently than before. Are sea walls appropriate? Should we let people live on barrier islands? What kind of improvements should be made to our transportation infrastructure, and how?

There are among the questions our leaders will be grappling with, and to help answer them, Governor Cuomo has just announced three new commissions, NYS 2100, NYS Respond and NYS Ready. The commissioners are a who’s who of business, infrastructure, environmental, planning, utilities and emergency preparedness professionals and experts. As Governor Cuomo made clear, their job is neither simple nor easy.
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