Joe Biden’s ‘Extended Costco Shopping Spree’

157157046 Joe Bidens Extended Costco Shopping Spree
Joe Biden paying for his purchases at Costco. (Photo: Getty)

Vice President Joe Biden visited a newly-opened Costco in Washington D.C. this morning. While there, according to a series of White House Press Office pool reports filed by McClatchy’s Lesley Clark, Mr. Biden “engaged in an extended Costco shopping spree, to the delight
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Syria Is Off the Internet Amid Fighting in Damascus

All 84 of Syria’s IP address blocks have been unreachable since 5:26 a.m., according to the research firm Renesys, effectively wiping the war-torn nation off the face of the Internet. Web traffic bound for Syria, and traffic from Syria to the rest of the world, is at a halt.

The Associated Press cited reports from Syrian activists and internet company Akamai Technologies confirming the outage.
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Chuck Schumer Promises Push for Sandy Aid Will Include Storm Protection Projects

157090642 Chuck Schumer Promises Push for Sandy Aid Will Include Storm Protection Projects
Senator Chuck Schumer discussing post-Sandy federal aid at the Capitol Building yesterday with Mayor Michael Bloomberg and Kirsten Gillibrand. (Photo: Getty)

Most of the discussion surrounding the request New York is making for billions in Sandy recovery aid has focused on repairing the damage caused by the storm. However, at yesterday’s press conference where he discussed the push for federal aid, Senator Chuck Schumer said the efforts of elected officials will also include securing funds for storm protection projects.

“There is money for mitigation,” Mr. Schumer said in response to a question from Politicker. “I don’t know New Jersey’s division yet, but New York’s is 32 billion for the actual damage that occurred, for recovery from that, and 9 billion for mitigation.” Continue reading “Chuck Schumer Promises Push for Sandy Aid Will Include Storm Protection Projects”

Cindy Adams Explains How the NYC Mayoral Race Caused Her to ‘Waste the Best Cookies’

cindy adams getty Cindy Adams Explains How the NYC Mayoral Race Caused Her to Waste the Best Cookies
(Photo: Getty)

Veteran New York Post gossip columnist Cindy Adams has written quite a bit on New York City politics over the years, and last night, NY1’s Inside City Hall invited her on to share her thoughts on next year’s mayoral race, which she did in her own inimitable way.

Ms. Adams was particularly displeased with Comptroller John Liu’s prospective candidacy. Mr. Liu, who majored in Mathematical Physics and went on to work at PricewaterhouseCoopers, is usually criticized for the fundraising scandal surrounding his campaign, but Ms. Adams chose to insult his intelligence.

“He’s an imbiot (sic). Imbecile. He’s an idiot. So we have to forget him because even he forgets him,” she explained.

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Morning Read: ‘Typical Tabloid Fodder’

jeff klein basketball jeffkleinny Morning Read: Typical Tabloid Fodder

Senator Jeff Klein sat down for an extended televised interview, as well as one with Gannett Albany, to discuss his decision to caucus separately from the Democrats. “That’s absolutely not true,” Mr. Klein told Gannett of the idea that his move boosts the Republicans. “A coalition government is not benefiting one side or the other. It’s Democrats and Republicans working together to agree on a policy agenda. It’s equal authority over everything.”

But Democratic Senator Mike Gianaris doesn’t sound happy. “Good God, you’re not talking about the dysfunction of the past, try having three people trying to make decisions instead of just one party that actually won an election,” he said on Capital Tonight. Continue reading “Morning Read: ‘Typical Tabloid Fodder’”

White House Short on Obama/Romney Lunch Date Details

obama romney debate White House Short on Obama/Romney Lunch Date Details
A moment from the final presidential debate. (Photo: Getty)

Earlier today, the White House announced President Barack Obama and his one-time rival, Mitt Romney, would be sitting down for a bite to eat tomorrow, but outside of the event being scheduled no additional information was provided. Various journalists, naturally, weren’t satisfied and attempted to score more details from Mr. Obama’s press secretary, Jay Carney. They mostly did not succeed.

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Evening Read: ‘Tammany-Style Bullies Masquerading as Reformers’

the marty golden sandwich Evening Read: Tammany Style Bullies Masquerading as Reformers
(Photo: Senator Golden’s office)

This article discussing the political successes and challenges of New York City’s Latino population is worth a read.

As is this article where progressive activist Bill Samuels goes to town on Governor Andrew Cuomo for the State Senate situation.

State Senator Marty Golden, who held a media event a month ago after a sandwich was named after him, followed up on the topic again this morning, releasing a photo of him eating said sandwich. “Senator Golden thanks Lioni’s Heroes for recognizing his record of service and hopes that the sandwich will be a top seller,” Mr. Golden’s spokesman said in a statement.

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