Meet ‘Hipster Bloomberg’

bloomberghipsterglasses Meet Hipster Bloomberg
Mayor Michael Bloomberg wearing his Warby Parker glasses. (Photo: Facebook)

Last night, Mayor Michael Bloomberg appeared at the NYC Connects 2012 reception in Gracie Mansion wearing glasses designed by eyewear startup Warby Parker, which sells chunky hipster frames online. The brand, understandably excited to have Mr. Bloomberg don their “Waldo” glasses and shared a photo of the event on Facebook. Seeing the picture of Hizzoner in the trendy frames instantly reminded Politicker of the popular internet meme “Hipster Mermaid” and we decided to make a new version of the meme starring Mayor Bloomberg.“Hipster Mermaid” involves a photo of Ariel, the protagonist from Disney’s 1989 cartoon classic The Little Mermaid with a pair of hipster glasses superimposed on her face and captions featuring too-cool-for-school phrases that one might hear on the streets of northern Brooklyn or Portland.

Our take on the meme pairs the image of Mayor Bloomberg rocking his Warby Parker frames with captions mixing hipsterisms and some of his favorite initiatives. Check out our best efforts below. If you’d like to make your own versions of “Hipster Bloomberg” share them with us in the comments below or on Twitter @Politicker.

hipsterbberg5 Meet Hipster Bloomberg

bloomberghipsterglasses2 Meet Hipster Bloomberg

hipsterbberg1 Meet Hipster Bloomberg

hipsterbberg3 Meet Hipster Bloomberg

hipsterbberg9 Meet Hipster Bloomberg

bloomberghipsterglasses7 Meet Hipster Bloomberg

hipsterbberg10 Meet Hipster Bloomberg

hipsterbberg6 Meet Hipster Bloomberg

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