Even Scott Stringer’s 10-Month-Old Son Wants Christine Quinn to Allow a Vote on Paid Sick Days

max stringer Even Scott Stringers 10 Month Old Son Wants Christine Quinn to Allow a Vote on Paid Sick Days
How can Christine Quinn say “no” to Max?

The paid sick day bill drumbeat rolled on today, with yet another press conference on the steps of City Hall calling for Council Speaker Christine Quinn to allow a vote on the legislation she has long bottled up. The event this afternoon, however, featured elected officials and child-carrying parents, or, in the case of Manhattan Borough President Scott Stringer and his son Max, both. And after the speeches finished, Mr. Stringer told Politicker the bill’s proponents can count on Max’s support.

“Max is a strong supporter of this legislation because every time he gets sick or he needs attention from his parents, he gets it,” Mr. Stringer explained. “The reason he gets it is because we have a benefits package that allows for paid sick days, so I can take care of my son. Also, Elyse, my wife, can leave work without fear of getting fired. But think about it, there’s 1.6 million people who don’t have that same opportunity or ability.”

Despite the importance of the bill, however, Mr. Stringer said he wasn’t ready to call on the City Council to override Ms. Quinn–who’s also a likely candidate for mayor–and force an up-or-down vote on the measure.

“I have long said that we should arrive at a compromise,” he said. “When you do the motion to discharge, that’s the most extreme place. I don’t think we’re at that point today.”

Yet another likely mayoral contender, Public Advocate Bill de Blasio was also in front of City Hall for today’s event.

“I want to thank Scott Stringer, he’s not just talking about childcare, he’s providing childcare today,” Mr. de Blasio said at the start of his speech.

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