Congressman Creates Ad Describing How He Had to Convince His Own Mother to Vote For Him

seanduffysmom Congressman Creates Ad Describing How He Had to Convince His Own Mother to Vote For Him
A still from Congressman Sean Duffy’s new ad showing him pitching his platform to his mother, Carol. (Photo: YouTube)

In a new ad for his re-election campaign, Wisconsin Congressman and former Real World star Sean Duffy touts a major endorsement–his own mother will be voting for him. While most political candidates are expected to have the support of their immediate family members, in the ad, Mr. Duffy’s mother, Carol, explains she’s “a lifelong Democrat” and her Republican son “really had to earn” her vote.

“I’m voting for Sean Duffy. People might expect a mom to vote for her own son, but Sean really had to earn my vote. We don’t always agree, but I know Sean will fight to protect Medicare and that’s what matters most,” Carol says in the commercial.

To illustrate just how hard Mr. Duffy had to work to convince his mother to vote for him, the ad features footage of Mr. Duffy carefully describing his policies to Carol while holding a whiteboard labeled “My Platform.” The three items listed on the platform are “Protect Medicare,” “Create Jobs,” and “Balance Budget.” At one point, Ms. Duffy is shown reacting rather skeptically to her son’s pitch.

Mr. Duffy’s ad doesn’t say if his mother voted for him when he was first elected to the House in 2010. It also doesn’t discuss whether his father, Thomas, will be voting for him too. Politicker reached out to the elder Mr. Duffy to find out, but, as of this writing, we haven’t received a response.

Watch Mr. Duffy’s ad, which is entitled “Mom’s Vote,” below.

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