Sadness and Devastation in Sea Gate

Angelo Deangelis has lived in Sea Gate, a gated beachside community on the southwestern tip of Brooklyn, with his family for 31 years since immigrating to the United States from Italy. On Monday night, when Hurricane Sandy hit New York, he planned to stay in his home facing the beach and weather the storm. About twenty minutes before the wind and flooding that battered the neighborhood reached its peak, waters began to surround his home and Mr. Deangelis realized the hurricane was worse than anything he had expected. He went to his sister’s house nearby.

“The waves they were hitting my boarded up veranda and the water was coming up from the front of the house and, on the third shot, I went down, I shut the electricity and I just went by my sister’s on Laurel Avenue,” Mr. Deangelis told Politicker today.

Though he abandoned his home, Mr. Deangelis left a webcam filming as the waters overtook his house. He and his family watched live as their house was destroyed.

“You know, 31 years in the house, and 31 years in this country and all of it is gone,” he explained as he stood in front of the home, which had a red sticker on the door declaring it “unsafe” to enter and in danger of collapse. Continue reading “Sadness and Devastation in Sea Gate”

Buses, Trains and Subways Will Be Free Thursday and Friday

At a press conference late in the night, Governor Andrew Cuomo announced New Yorkers in the metropolitan area will have their public transit fares waved for the rest of the week. Of course, traveling into Lower Manhattan won’t be easy for Thursday, at least, where no subways are currently scheduled to travel.

“As a further encouragement to have people take mass transit, which is coming online piece by piece,” Mr. Cuomo began, citing the intensive traffic congestion problems plaguing Manhattan earlier today. “I am declaring a transportation emergency and authorizing the MTA to waive fares…through the end of the week, Thursday and Friday. So commuter rails, subways and buses.”
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Christine Quinn Has Harsh Words For Storm Looters

149579533 Christine Quinn Has Harsh Words For Storm Looters
Christine Quinn (Photo: Getty)

In the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy, there have been mounting reports and rumors of people taking advantage of the chaos and power outages created by the storm to loot abandoned buildings. City Council Speaker Christine Quinn wants these criminals to face exceptionally harsh punishment. Politicker saw Ms. Quinn in Coney Island today as she spoke to reporters after surveying the damage. Ms. Quinn said people need to “do the right thing” and should face very tough consequences if they don’t. Continue reading “Christine Quinn Has Harsh Words For Storm Looters”

Photos: Sandy’s Aftermath in Coney Island

Coney Island, including its iconic amusement park and boardwalk, was hit incredibly hard by Hurricane Sandy along with the rest of Brooklyn’s southern coast. Politicker ventured into the area today, a journey that took us on sand-covered streets without working traffic lights, and saw broken rides and damage on Surf Avenue, which was flooded with waterthat reached a depth of at least four feet.  Continue reading “Photos: Sandy’s Aftermath in Coney Island”

Tomorrow, LaGuardia Airport Joins JFK in Reopening

When Hurricane Sandy overwhelmed New York City, the airport infrastructure naturally shut down along with everything else. As with the subway and bridge systems, however, it seems airplane travel is returning to normalcy.

Earlier today, the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey announced the reopening of two airports in the metropolitan area, John F. Kennedy and Newark Liberty, to limited traffic, with the fate of LaGuardia Airport remaining uncertain as officials sought to repair and inspect the facility in the wake of flood damage. But that ambiguity did not last long; Governor Andrew Cuomo just declared LaGuardia will open too.
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Evening Read: ‘Except My Boss!’

lydiacalasface Evening Read: Except My Boss!

For those confused by the complicated subway service schedule set to resume tomorrow, Gawker provided a handy map. The official one may be slightly more useful, however.

Lydia Callis, the extremely effusive sign language interpreter for most of Mayor Michael Bloomberg‘s press conferences on Hurricane Sandy, has recently been profiled by the New York Times, DNAinfo and more. But really, you should just check out this Tumblr.

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