Obama Campaign Trying to Distract Staff From Awesome Poll Numbers

obama smiling getty Obama Campaign Trying to Distract Staff From Awesome Poll Numbers
(Photo: Getty)

President Barack Obama’s reelection campaign is currently sitting pretty, at least as far as the polls go. Survey after survey of key swing states, including the two crucial contests in Ohio and Florida, continue to show the incumbent pulling slowly but surely ahead of his Republican rival Mitt Romney. So much so, that Mr. Obama’s campaign is apparently urging its staff to avoid overconfidence.

Asked about the current numbers during a gaggle with reporters on board Air Force One, the president’s campaign press secretary, Jen Psaki, dismissed the polls and vowed to keep focus, with a “series of sports metaphors that run the gamut from horse racing to putt putt,” according to a press pool report.

“We’re running the race in every swing state as if we’re five points down,” she declared.

Of course, campaigns tend to act humble about the prospective strength of their position come Election Day, but Ms. Psaki indicated she thinks her side may be polling far enough ahead that they might need to make extra effort to avoid staff being distracted by them.

“If we have to issue horse blinders to everyone on our campaign staff, we will,” Ms. Psaki explained.

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