Gary Bauer’s Anti-Same Sex Marriage Super PAC Campaign Against Obama is Just Getting Started

77422089 Gary Bauers Anti Same Sex Marriage Super PAC Campaign Against Obama is Just Getting Started
Gary Bauer (Photo: Getty)

CHARLOTTE, NC — Evangelist leader Gary Bauer told Politicker his pro-Romney super PAC, Campaign for American Values, won’t just be running one ad attacking President Barack Obama for supporting same sex marriage. Mr. Bauer says the “New Morning” ad is only running in North Carolina during the Democratic National Convention, but that commercial just the beginning of a larger campaign aimed at using the President’s position on gay marriage to drive votes to Mitt Romney in several crucial swing states.

“We plan on running that ad and others like it in a number of swing states,” said Mr. Bauer. 

Mr. Bauer, who is the chairman of Campaign for American Values, kept coy when we asked what states will get the ads, which warn that “Obama is trying to force gay marriage on this country.” However, he said he was confident the commercials will hit a nerve in states where the election remains close.

“There are plenty of states that have voted overwhelmingly to keep marriage as the normal definition of the word and, yet, in those same states, either it’s tied in the presidential race or, in some cases, Obama has a couple point lead. So, it just makes sense to me to remind voters that this is a huge issue and they should take it into consideration in determining how to vote,” Mr. Bauer explained.

Mr. Bauer said he believes the ad will appeal to “swing voters” and minorities.

“I think there are plenty of swing voters and even members of the normal Democratic coalition; black Americans, Hispanic Americans and so forth who don’t want marriage redefined. So, I think the ad is an appropriate ad and one that I think could actually move significant numbers of votes,” Mr. Bauer said.

Mr. Bauer believes minorities, specifically African-Americans are inclined to oppose gay marriage.

“Particularly black Americans many of them, from quotes that I have seen and conversations I’ve had, are sort of insulted that the civil rights movement is being hijacked–the rhetoric of the civil rights movement is being hijacked for something like same sex marriage,” said Mr. Bauer, adding, “Black Americans tend to have a higher degree of religiosity.”

Despite the fact Mr. Bauer thinks his ads will appeal to religious voters, he said his argument opposing same sex marriage isn’t based on the Bible.

“I don’t make a Bible argument in the ad, nor have I made a bible argument in the public space. My argument is simple, which is, that for several thousand years in Western civilization, marriage has been the union of one man and one woman. Research is overwhelming that children need mothers and fathers,” Mr. Bauer said. “If one is going to change the definition of marriage to be, quote, ‘same sex,’ then there is absolutely no valid argument constitutionally or rhetorically you can make against multiple people getting married. These are radical social changes.”

Though Mr. Bauer believes his ad campaign will help Mr. Romney win, he said he hasn’t discussed the commercials with the Republican candidate because of the Federal Election Commission regulations that prohibit super PACs from coordinating with the campaigns they support.

“Under the law super PACs, or even regular PACs doing independent expenditures can’t coordinate in any way with the campaign, so I’ve not mentioned to anybody in the Romney campaign that I planned to do the ad and obviously did not talk to anybody about the content of such an ad,” Mr. Bauer said.

Mr. Bauer initially supported Rick Santorum in this year’s presidential race, but he said he believes conservatives should line up behind the Republican nominee, Mr. Romney, now that the primaries are over.

“I made it clear from the very beginning of the Republican primaries that I thought conservatives could support a lot of different contenders, but at the end of the day, whoever got the nomination, except perhaps for one or two people, really it would be imperative to back them,” said Mr. Bauer. “I don’t see how any conservative can sit this out or, at this point, be ambivalent about what the right thing to do is.”

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