Piers Morgan Says Sarah Palin’s Welcome at CNN if Fox Won’t Let Her on Air During RNC

 Piers Morgan Says Sarah Palins Welcome at CNN if Fox Wont Let Her on Air During RNC
Piers Morgan manning his Twitter feed at the RNC.

TAMPA, FL — Sarah Palin took to Facebook yesterday to accuse Fox News of canceling all of her scheduled appearances on the network during the Republican National Convention, but CNN host Piers Morgan said he’d be glad to have her on his show during the RNC festivities. However, Mr. Morgan said Ms. Palin, who has a contract with Fox News through January, has yet to take him up on his invitation.

“I’m serious, if she’s fallen out with Fox, I’d love to get her on. It’s the one reason we haven’t had her since I’ve been on air, because of her contract with Fox,” Mr. Morgan told Politicker at the CNN Grill at the RNC last night. “Clearly, if she’s had an issue with them and can now do us, I’d love to interview her.”

Mr. Morgan made his initial entreaties to Ms. Palin on Twitter last night and said he is “pushing hard” to make an interview with the former vice presidential candidate happen.

“I see a chink in the armor,” said Mr. Morgan with a laugh.

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