Paul Ryan Attacked By Flying Meme

 Paul Ryan Attacked By Flying Meme
CNBC Reporter Eamon Javers captured this picture of the Paul Ryan Gosling meme in flight. (Photo: Twitter)

Hey Girl.

A plane mocking Paul Ryan, with a pro-choice variation of the “Paul Ryan Gosling” meme flew overheard as Mitt Romney’s running mate spoke at an event in Lakewood, Colorado this afternoon.

“HEY GIRL. CHOOSE ME LOSE CHOICE- P RYAN,” a banner trailing behind the plane said. 

The quote toted by the plane is clearly based on “Paul Ryan Gosling,” an internet meme that pokes fun at Mr. Ryan using an earlier meme that features pictures of actor Ryan Gosling along with quotes a perfect man might say preceded with the phrase “Hey Girl.”

Once Mr. Ryan was selected as Mr. Romney’s running mate, internet users began making a mashup of the vice presidential candidate and the Ryan Gosling meme with “Hey Girl” quotes spoofing Mr. Ryan’s conservative positions. A @PaulRyanGosling Twitter account launched Saturday, the same day Mr. Ryan was announced as the number two man on the GOP ticket. @PaulRyanGosling has gone on to earn over thirty thousand followers.

“Hey girl, you don’t need access to healthcare, my warm, soft kisses will make you well,” reads one typical @PaulRyanGosling tweet.

This isn’t the first time the Ryan Gosling meme has made it onto the campaign trail. Back in December, a former Democratic campaign operative named Nancy Leeds created a version of the meme featuring Mr. Gosling as a campaign staffer.

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