Morning Read: Spotlight on Silver; RNC Ends; The Clint Eastwood Hangover

Those sexual harassment accusers initially sought  $1.2 million from Vito Lopez.

Assembly Democrats are standing firm behind Shelly Silver.

Some are wondering what Governor Cuomo is doing behind the scenes during this controversy.

Top legal advisers to Tom DiNapoli and Eric Schneiderman were briefed on the settlement’s financial details.

Juan Gonzalez called on Diana Reyna, Lopez’s former Chief of Staff, to release everything she knows about him.

The New York Times and the Daily News weighed in with their own questions.

New York Republicans gave the convention rave reviews.

Cardinal Dolan closed the convention with a prayer.

Watch Mitt Romney’s speech.

He vowed to turn America’s economy around.

Here’s a list of his promises.

For his part, Marco Rubio shined.

Did this Clint Eastwood speech really happen last night?

President Obama’s Twitter account made an Eastwood reference.

Romney’s campaign said not to view Eastwood’s speech through a “typical political lens.” 

Privately, they assumed he would replicate previous speeches that weren’t incoherent and rambling.

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