Roundup: If He’s Found Mysteriously Murdered

Louise Slaughter, running for reelection in a Democratic-leaning district, really wants you to know her opponent, Maggie Brooks, is a Republican.

And criticized Brooks’ husband for his “patronage” job.

Top legal aides for both Eric Schneiderman and Tom DiNapoli were briefed on the details of Vito Lopez’s settlement..

Schneiderman, on the defensive, explained his role and criticized the settlement’s secrecy

Women in the State Assembly have largely declined to comment on the Shelly Silver controversy when asked.

Abe George on Joe Hynes calling for a special prosecutor, “Last summer Hynes said ‘I know the difference between a crook and others . . . So Vito is a good guy.’ Which is it Joe?”

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Lincoln Restler Continues Roll-Out of 2013 Contenders

lincoln restler fb3 Lincoln Restler Continues Roll Out of 2013 Contenders
(Photo: Facebook)

Earlier this week, Public Advocate Bill de Blasio, a likely candidate for mayor next year, waded all the way down into a district leader’s race to endorse Lincoln Restler for reelection. Well, add another fellow contender for Gracie Mansion to the Restler column as Manhattan Borough President Scott Stringer figuratively went across the East River to do the same this afternoon. Mr. de Blasio and Mr. Stringer don’t necessarily endorse in competitive races for more notable elected positions, so the fact that Mr. Restler continues to garner high-level support for his unpaid, little-known position is testament to his ability to raise the district leader post to a bizarrely high level.

“Lincoln is a tireless advocate for his community with a record of delivering real results,” Mr. Stringer said in a statement. “From fighting for more green space and better public schools, to expanding transportation options, Lincoln is a proven leader on the issues Brooklynites care about. Lincoln is the right choice for reform minded voters and I am proud to endorse his re-election.”

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Díaz Sr. Compares Daughter’s Arrest to Officers Who Shot Amadou Diallo

ruben diaz sr gov Díaz Sr. Compares Daughters Arrest to Officers Who Shot Amadou Diallo Police Sergeant Damaris Díaz, daughter of State Senator Rubén Díaz Sr., was arrested last weekend for keying her boyfriend’s car, charged with a felony and suspended without pay until the trial. Mr. Díaz, who at the time had no comment, finally issued one of his long-winded “What You Should Know” statements this afternoon to give his own theory on why his daughter might be getting tougher treatment than the average citizen.

“You should know that when Amadou Diallo was murdered by 4 police officers, they were not suspended without pay after shooting 42 bullets into Amadou Diallo,” he wrote. “We hear almost daily about police officers who commit all kinds of crimes and engage in police brutality to the point where some innocent people have lost their lives – and yet those police officers are not suspended without pay.”

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Brooklyn D.A. Calls for Special Prosecutor for Vito Lopez

vito lopez flickr1 Brooklyn D.A. Calls for Special Prosecutor for Vito Lopez
(Photo: Flickr/azipaybarah)

Kings County District Attorney Joe Hynes is increasing the pressure on Assemblyman Vito Lopez, the once-powerful outgoing chair of the borough’s Democratic Party, by applying for a special prosecutor to investigate sexual  harassment reports against Mr. Lopez. Mr. Hynes said past support from the local Democratic organization “had the potential to create an appearance of impropriety,” and an independent district attorney  could better carry out the investigation.

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State Senate Candidate Grabs 27,000 Fake Twitter Followers [Update]

tischler following State Senate Candidate Grabs 27,000 Fake Twitter Followers [Update]Avraham Tischler, a 21-year old underdog candidate for the State Senate in southern Brooklyn, has suddenly surged to over 27,400 followers as his September 13 primary date fast approaches. A cursory survey of dozens of the followers showed all of them to have no activity and no followers, a hallmark trait of fake, automated accounts. Furthermore, the Twitter tool StatusPeople estimated 100 percent of his followers as “fake.”

The number stands in sharp contrast to his generally inactive account. Mr. Tischler, who started his campaign account earlier this summer, has only made 23 tweets, and the only interaction others have had with his profile in recent days was political blogger Yossi Gestetner noting the giant leap in followers. The exact point when he accumulated these followers was unclear, but a Google cache from last month shows him with six followers.

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Keith Wright Mostly Mum on Lopez, Silver

keith wright assembly state ny us Keith Wright Mostly Mum on Lopez, Silver
Keith Wright (photo:

The Democrats in the State Assembly are rallying around Speaker Shelly Silver as his feeling the heat from Assemblyman Vito Lopez’s sexual harassment scandal and the discovery that Mr. Silver authorized over $100,000 in state funds to be spent on confidential settlements for prior harassment claims. And you can count Assemblyman Keith Wright, the head of both the Manhattan and state Democratic Parties, among Mr. Silver’s supporters, although not passionately so to the press.

Yesterday evening, the Politicker approached Mr. Wright outside the Midtown meeting where New York Democrats were preparing to select their official delegates for President Barack Obama’s reelection, first inquiring what he made of the situation with Mr. Lopez, who chairs the neighboring Brooklyn Democratic Party. Mr. Wright responded with a nonverbal shrug.

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Morning Read: Spotlight on Silver; RNC Ends; The Clint Eastwood Hangover

Those sexual harassment accusers initially sought  $1.2 million from Vito Lopez.

Assembly Democrats are standing firm behind Shelly Silver.

Some are wondering what Governor Cuomo is doing behind the scenes during this controversy.

Top legal advisers to Tom DiNapoli and Eric Schneiderman were briefed on the settlement’s financial details.

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