Weekend Roundup: Gay Marriage’s Birthday; the Borough of Williamsburg; Obama to Colorado

Long Island’s Carolyn McCarthy is one of the few gun control advocates left in Congress.

Eric Schneiderman is making his mark.

Judge Noach Dear was booted from Brooklyn Criminal Court.

Shawn Morse, primarying a Democratic incumbent with the IDC’s support, said he hasn’t decided who he will caucus with.

Gay marriage reached it’s one year anniversary! … and people are already bored.

Rupert Murdoch is stepping down from a number of newspaper boards.

Murdoch also spoke out in favor of gun control.

Hasidim and Hipsters in Williamsburg sometimes disagree.

There was once talk of Williamsburg being its own borough.

The Japanese are the most professional tourists in this city.

A top administrator at Fordham University resigned over a decades-old sex abuse allegation.

President Barack Obama will visit Aurora victims’ families today.

The New York Times labeled concealed carry laws “the single most dangerous idea in the debate over gun ownership.”

The Times also profiled top Romney strategist — and Buffalo native — Carl Forti.

“Poor Newt,” the New York Post‘s editorial board wrote. “One moment, he’s running for president; the next, he’s schmoozing with the Snooks.”

There’s a campaign for the presidential debates to include female moderators.

The Democratic convention is benefiting from corporate cash funneled through a non-profit.

Obama’s campaign spent more than what he raised in June.

It spent more than $2.6 million in polling in that month alone.

FYI: The President wear’s David Beckham’s underwear.

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