Let the Games Begin, Mr. Romney! Golden Banter from British Comics

screen shot 2012 07 31 at 14 04 581 Let the Games Begin, Mr. Romney! Golden Banter from British Comics
Andy Zaltzman: comedian and battalion chief for Team Britain

Last week’s sparring or casual willy-wagging between Mitt Romney, David Cameron and Boris Johnson – Mayor of London and King of the Clangers – didn’t quite give Romney the kind of publicity he was hoping for, but it certainly was lovely jubbly for the comedians and comedy writers from Great Britain, providing them with plenty of juicy material. And welcome relief for Mr. Johnson, who must have been all too pleased to give up his crown for a few hours. Next to Mr. Romney, he must have felt like the yardstick of cool.

The Observer decided to reach out to some of these fearless ninjas of British Comedy, as the Edinburgh Fringe Festival kicked off in time for the Olympics. Yes, that’s right. There are other major events besides The Games happening in Great Britain. Continue reading “Let the Games Begin, Mr. Romney! Golden Banter from British Comics”

Bloomberg Derides de Blasio’s Fine Lawsuit

bloomberg presser Bloomberg Derides de Blasios Fine Lawsuit
Mayor Bloomberg at his press conference today.

A few days ago, Public Advocate Bill de Blasio filed a lawsuit against Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s administration for not providing data on the fines they’re increasingly handing out to small businesses. However, it doesn’t seem that Mr. Bloomberg is impressed with those legal endeavors.

“The only thing I can think of in this lawsuit is he seems to say that we’re wrong in enforcing the law,” Mr. Bloomberg told The Politicker after a press conference this morning, asserting the city government is simply doing its job by handing out the fines. “I don’t know, if you don’t like the laws, get the City Council to change them, but our job is to enforce the law.”

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Wendy Long Hits Bloomberg On Abortion, Breastfeeding Guidelines

wenyd long gop Wendy Long Hits Bloomberg On Abortion, Breastfeeding GuidelinesOver the weekend it was revealed that the Bloomberg administration’s next health initiative will be to make it more difficult for new mothers to have access to baby formula in order.

This latest move doesn’t sit well with U.S. Senate candidate Wendy Long, who calls it a “nandate” (as in a cross between nanny state and mandate) and who wonders how hizzoner could be pro-choice when it comes to abortion but not when it comes to breast-feeding.

“What’s even more ironic is a pro-choice politician dictating how to feed a newborn that he wouldn’t guarantee a right to life.  This is a ‘nandate’ that has gone to far and I am calling on the Mayor to reverse his decision.” Continue reading “Wendy Long Hits Bloomberg On Abortion, Breastfeeding Guidelines”

Mayor Bloomberg Reflects on the Olympics and What Could Have Been

olympics Mayor Bloomberg Reflects on the Olympics and What Could Have Been
(Photo: Getty)

Mayor Michael Bloomberg wishes the Olympics were held in New York City instead of London this year, but, in his words, his administration is not going to “go and cry” about it. In fact, after a press conference earlier today, he said the city has built and done many of the things it would have done for the athletic event anyway.

“I’m sorry that we lost our opportunity, we gave it our best shot, and lots of people gave money and worked very hard  to bring the Olympics here,” Mr. Bloomberg said of the city’s unsuccessful bid to get its own Olympic nod. “It would have been wonderful, but we didn’t get it. But we didn’t go and cry. What we did is we built a very big percentage of the things we would have built anyways, if we had had the Olympics.”

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Village Vanguard: NYU Agrees to Keep 505 LaGuardia Affordable

One of the lingering concerns over the NYU rezoning of its two superblocks—besides whether it not it was The Final Nail in the Village’s coffin—was the fate of 505 LaGuardia Place, one of the three 30-story concrete sentinels that makes up the I.M. Pei-designed Silver Towers.

The other two are faculty apartments, but this one is Mitchell Llama public housing, and the lease with NYU was set to expire in 2014, at which point rents could jump to market rates, possibly driving out long-time residents, many of them elderly. According to local Councilwoman Margaret Chin’s office, NYU has agreed to provide 505 LaGuardia with the old lease agreement in perpetuity. The pols who fought for this agreement, along with the tenants  benefiting from it, are naturally ecstatic, as made clear in their quotes below.
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On The Campaign Trail With Brooklyn ‘Diva’ Mindy Meyer [Video]

mindymeyer On The Campaign Trail With Brooklyn Diva Mindy Meyer [Video]
Mindy Meyer working her magic in the 21st district. (Photo: Animal New York)

The good people at Animal New York spent an afternoon walking the streets of the 21st State Senate district in Brooklyn with self-proclaimed “diva” candidate Mindy Meyer and captured incredible footage of the 22-year-old Orthodox Jewish woman’s decidedly unorthodox campaigning techniques. Ms. Meyer spends most of the video greeting constituents and basically berating them with her voice at full volume.

“I’m not your typical senator. Do I look like your typical senator?” Ms. Meyer asks one voter.

Ms. Meyer’s loud, in-your-face approach seems to connect with some of her targets, but not everyone in the video enjoys the show and some are eager to end their conversations with the candidate.   Continue reading “On The Campaign Trail With Brooklyn ‘Diva’ Mindy Meyer [Video]”

Morning Read: Cuomo vs the State Police; Skelos Drops Weapons-Themed Fundraiser; Romney Aides Tells Reporters To ‘Kiss My Ass’

Aides to Gov. David Paterson wanted the state police to fire ten white members of his security detail and replace then with Black and Latino law enforcement officers.

State police officials say that when he was attorney general, Andrew Cuomo dissuaded them from hiring counsel when they were under investigation about the matter.

For what it’s worth, Paterson loves life as an ex-governor: “It’s an instant enjoyment in the morning. I wake up and everything is not my fault.” Continue reading “Morning Read: Cuomo vs the State Police; Skelos Drops Weapons-Themed Fundraiser; Romney Aides Tells Reporters To ‘Kiss My Ass’”