Mindy Meyer Does Not Have a Super PAC

friendzofmindy Mindy Meyer Does Not Have a Super PAC
Friendz of Mindy Meyer (Photo: Facebook)

Mindy Meyer, the brash 22-year-old self-proclaimed “diva” running for State Senate in Brooklyn, told The Politicker she has nothing to do with a “Friendz of Mindy Meyer” “super PAC” that released a campaign web video and created a Facebook page on her behalf.

“That’s some scam because we never did that,” Ms. Meyer said. Continue reading “Mindy Meyer Does Not Have a Super PAC”

Roundup: A Troll We Can Believe In

Joe Crowley has a potential challenger for his leadership position in the House Democratic caucus.

Salon declared Mindy Meyer to be, “A troll we can believe in.”

Another southern Brooklyn Democrat accused Marty Golden of hogging credit for his actions.

Tish James endorsed Walter Mosley.

As expected, Governor Cuomo vetoed a school reimbursement bill.

An upstate energy company is threatening to sue the state if the Dept. of Environmental Conservation doesn’t step in and overturn municipal ordinances banning the practice.

John Haggerty is a convicted felon, but he’s still defending ballot challenges against Queens Republicans. Continue reading “Roundup: A Troll We Can Believe In”

George Maziarz Talks Polish-American Politics

polandflag George Maziarz Talks Polish American PoliticsIn the wake of his visit to Poland, Mitt Romney announced the formation of a “Polish-Americans for Romney” committee. 

And picked to served on the eight-person national advisory board was George Maziarz, a state senator from the Buffalo-area. Reached by phone in his district office, he said that top members of the Romney campaign team reached out to him while the candidate was campaigning in the mother country yesterday, and in a brief interview he slammed President Barack Obama for a gaffe he made several months ago, when he referred to “Polish death camps” instead of “Nazi death camps.” Continue reading “George Maziarz Talks Polish-American Politics”

Who Is Buying Mitt Romney’s Twitter Robot Army?

Sometime around July 21, Mitt Romney’s Twitter account saw a bizarre spike in follower numbers, to the tune of 150,000 or so new accounts in about 48 hours. The presidential candidate’s opponents might be quick to blame Mr. Romney or his campaign, but Mr. Romney’s digital director already told Buzzfeed the campaign had nothing to do with it. Either way, someone clearly fluffed the former Massachusetts governor’s follower count with fakes and The Atlantic crunched the numbers to prove it. The post by Alexander Furnas and Devin Gaffney is densely detailed:
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Melissa Mark-Viverito Condemns Bad Tweets

twitter Melissa Mark Viverito Condemns Bad TweetsHeidi Anne Wys, an adviser to Puerto Rico House Speaker Jenniffer González, has tweeted racist things about President Barack Obama over the course of the last month or two, and Councilwoman Melissa Mark-Viverito is just not going to take it anymore.

“Wah! Wah! I feel like vomiting! Dinner with a guy borned in Kenya and claims he was borned in Hawaii!” Ms. Wys tweeted at the President offering contributors the chance of dining with him back in June, for example.

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Stringer Opposes Sale of City Buildings He Finally Has the Power to Stop—If Big Name Developers Don’t Get In the Way

In his ongoing push for efficiency, efficiency, efficiency in city government, Mayor Bloomberg announced a plan during his State of the City address in January to consolidate city departments downtown.

The proposal not only helps co-locate agencies, improving collaboration, but also saves the city money on operating expenses, as much as $100 million over the next 20 years according to the city’s projections as it vacates three historic buildings around City Hall. The Bloomberg administration is further enriching the city’s coffers by selling off the properties to private developers.

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Team Obama Calls Romney’s World Tour an ‘Embarrassing Disaster’

128785807 Team Obama Calls Romneys World Tour an Embarrassing Disaster
Mitt Romney (Photo: Getty)

This afternoon the Obama campaign held a conference call to highlight the high-profile controversies that occurred during Mitt Romney’s recent world tour. On the call, Obama For America senior advisor and former White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs and former Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for the Middle East Colin Kahl suggested Mr. Romney failed “the commander in chief test” when he angered British politicians by questioning London’s readiness for the Olympic Games and when he upset Palestinians by saying the “power” of “culture” could explain the economic disparities between Israel and the Palestinian Authority.

“He both offended our closest ally and triggered a troubling reaction in the most sensitive region of the world,” said Mr. Gibbs. “He certainly didn’t prove to anyone that he passed the commander in chief test.”

Mr. Kahl suggested the gaffes on this trip showed Mr. Romney isn’t ready to deal with “our enemies.”

“If Romney can’t handle our special relationship with the British…what’s going to happen when he has to deal with our enemies or has to deal with really tough situations?” Mr. Kahl asked. “It’s not that Romney struck out against a major league pitcher. I mean, here he struck out playing tee ball. This should have been easy and it wasnt for him, apparently.” Continue reading “Team Obama Calls Romney’s World Tour an ‘Embarrassing Disaster’”