Rabbi Shmuley Donates $250 To His Opponent In The Hopes Of Securing a ‘Dinner Date’

shmuleyad Rabbi Shmuley Donates $250 To His Opponent In The Hopes Of Securing a Dinner Date
Rabbi Shmuley Boteach (Photo: YouTube)

Author, spiritual guru to the stars and New Jersey Republican congressional candidate Shmuley Boteach gave a $250 donation to his Democratic opponent, Congressman Bill Pascrell, because he wants them to have a Shabbat “dinner date.” together. In a statement announcing his donation to his rival, Mr. Boteach explained he made the contribution to get Mr. Pascrell’s attention after several unsuccessful attempts to arrange a meal together.

“I’m beginning to feel like the woman who is promised an engagement ring but can never get a wedding date. The Congressman is a very busy man. So I have elected to send a $250 donation to his campaign in the hope that it might attract his attention and we can finally confirm our dinner date,” Mr. Boteach said.  Continue reading “Rabbi Shmuley Donates $250 To His Opponent In The Hopes Of Securing a ‘Dinner Date’”

Anthony Weiner Says He’s Not Stepping Out Into Public Life Again

anthony weiner getty2 Anthony Weiner Says Hes Not Stepping Out Into Public Life Again
(Photo: Getty)

It was his third interview in recent days on the Supreme Court’s health care ruling, but former Congressman Anthony Weiner said this does not mark a return to public life for him.

“Well, you called me and asked for my thoughts on this issue that I care deeply about,” Mr. Weiner said when asked on The Brian Lehrer Show if he’s putting his “toe in the water” for such a return. “I’ve not stopped caring about it and the challenges facing the middle class and those struggling to make it.”

“I’m not putting my toe anywhere but I’m just going on my favorite radio show and talking about a subject that’s very dear to me,” he added.

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Republicans Scandalized By Swearing Democrats

 Republicans Scandalized By Swearing Democrats
The Obama Campaign’s “BFD” t-shirt. (Photo: BarackObama.com)

The Romney campaign and the Republican National Committee are acting positively shocked about some mildly coarse remarks made by Democrats celebrating the Supreme Court’s ruling on President Barack Obama’s healthcare law. Hours after the ruling yesterday, Congresswoman Cathy McMorris Rodgers sent out a fundraising email highlighting a pair of Tweets from Democratic National Committee staffers.

“Right after the Supreme Court’s decision this morning the Democratic National Committee started celebrating – these are direct quotes: ‘it’s constitutional. B****es.’ ‘TAKE THAT MOTHER******S!!’ This is the party that speaks for women? I’m appalled,” Ms. McMorris Rodgers wrote.

This morning, Mitt Romney’s adviser Eric Fehrnstrom took to Twitter to decry the Obama campaign selling t-shirts based on Vice President Joe Biden’s infamous 2010 quote that the law was a “big f***king deal.” Continue reading “Republicans Scandalized By Swearing Democrats”

Bloomberg Questions Whether Supreme Court Ruling Really Changed Anything

bloomberg getty1 Bloomberg Questions Whether Supreme Court Ruling Really Changed Anything
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Among the many politicians who rushed out statements opposing or supporting the Supreme Court’s decision that President Obama’s health care legislation was constitutional, Mayor Michael Bloomberg was not among them. On John Gambling’s radio show today, Mr. Bloomberg explained why he’s “not sure if after all the yelling and screaming and all the politics around this, there’s really any great change.”

“Good or bad, at least it takes away the argument that this law was unconstitutional,” he began to describe his reaction to the ruling. “It does not mean that future governments in Washington can’t change the law or repeal it or something.”

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Mayor Bloomberg to City Hall Protesters: ‘Just Chill Out’

tish living wage1 Mayor Bloomberg to City Hall Protesters: Just Chill Out
A City Hall protest from yesterday morning.

Every year Mayor Michael Bloomberg proposes a preliminary budget containing cuts to services, and every year City Council Members and advocacy organizations hold loud rallies and press conferences, often on the steps of City Hall, to protest specific cuts, which often make their way back into the final budget. This year’s budget emerged last night, and Mr. Bloomberg had a simple message for the protesters on John Gambling’s radio show this morning.

“You wait until the end and then come together,” he said after explaining a lot of the behind-the-scenes negotiating of the budget. “If people would just chill out — it would be a better process if people didn’t rush to the steps of City Hall and they demanding and they give these speeches and hold the signs. That doesn’t influence anybody. It’s just a sideshow.”

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Morning Read: Obamacare A Boon For NY; Garodnick Member Item Sunshine; More Trouble For Hynes

New York is set to receive another $2.3 billion in extra Medicaid dollars thanks to the Supreme Court’s decision. 

Mike Long: “If the state Republican Party was where the national party is, we’d be out of business.”

In an effort to increase transparency of the member item process, Dan Garodnick is posting copies of all the letters pleading for cash he received and all the meetings his office had with lobbyists and advocates seeking funding.

Ydanis Rodriguez held a rally calling on the Board of Elections to explain why the vote counting in the Rangel/Espaillat race was going so slowly. Continue reading “Morning Read: Obamacare A Boon For NY; Garodnick Member Item Sunshine; More Trouble For Hynes”

Rangel’s Rivals Make Allegations Of Voter Fraud And Uncounted Ballots

photo 4 Rangels Rivals Make Allegations Of Voter Fraud And Uncounted Ballots
Ydanis Rodriguez speaking at today’s press conference.

Supporters of State Senator Adriano Espaillat are calling for a federal monitor to step in and oversee the counting of votes in his congressional race against longtime Congressman Charlie Rangel after reports of uncounted votes emerged yesterday. Mr. Rangel was initially declared the victor by the Associated Press and in unofficial totals from the Board of Elections after the election on Tuesday, but the AP subsequently published a report claiming results from 33 of the 506 precincts in the Upper Manhattan district remained uncounted. Mr. Espaillat’s supporters announced their push for a federal monitor at a press conference in front of Mr. Rangel’s office in Harlem where some of the attendees also made allegations of voter fraud at the polls Tuesday.

“I’m here today to call for a federal monitor on the Board of Elections. It is unacceptable that 48 hours after the elections took place….we don’t have the outcome of this election,” said Councilman Ydanis Rodriguez, a close ally of Mr. Espaillat’s. “We also have a lot of concerns that still the Board of Elections has not received [results from] a number of election districts. We don’t know where they are, they don’t know where they are.” Continue reading “Rangel’s Rivals Make Allegations Of Voter Fraud And Uncounted Ballots”