Koch Provides Jewish Backing For Nydia Velazquez

ed koch Koch Provides Jewish Backing For Nydia VelazquezFormer Mayor Ed Koch provided assurances to Jewish residents of Nydia Velazquez’s district that the longtime congresswoman had their best interests at heart.

“She has helped all communities. She has provided effective leadership in the Hispanic community which has suffered enormously as a result of the recent and still ongoing recession and loss of jobs,” he said in a statement. “At the same time, Nydia has been a leader in Congress in support of the Jewish community and its concern for the safety and security of the Jewish nation, Israel. “I admire her and support her.  I urge you to join her campaign and reelect her by rushing to the polls on June 26th and voting for her.” 

And he added, “If possible, bring along at least 2 other voters with you.”

Ms. Velazquez is facing a tough race from Erik Dilan, who has slammed Ms. Velazquez for being “anti-Israel.” Ms. Velazquez has also sparred with Vito Lopez, a close ally of Mr. Dilan, over control of a Satmar summer camp in the Catskills. 

Mr. Koch meanwhile appears to be relishing his new role as the city’s top Jewish endorser. Even a few years ago, Mr. Koch was more seen as someone who backs moderate, pro-business, tough-on-crime kind of candidates, but ever since backing Bob Turner in his upset congressional bid over David Weprin in 2011, he has made Israel the crucial point of his endorsements. This year he has backed Rory Lancman over Grace Meng and Hakeem Jeffries over Charles Barron, citing Israel as a major reason in both instances.

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