In Final Hours, Elizabeth Crowley Is Feeling Good

crowley fb In Final Hours, Elizabeth Crowley Is Feeling Good
(Photo: Facebook)

Councilwoman Elizabeth Crowley’s congressional campaign was initially viewed as something of a third wheel in what was expected to be a marquee battle solely between Assembly Members Grace Meng and Rory Lancman. In front of a polling station in Forest Hills, however, Ms. Crowley said those expectations were flawed from the very start.

“I think those people were outsiders,” she said. “They were like politicos that didn’t know the realities of the district. I’m popular in my district and my district has a large portion of the overall congressional district. I represent more than my opponents do.”

And Ms. Crowley will need to have good turnout in her council district in order to upset the latest conventional wisdom that holds Ms. Meng as the favorite to emerge victorious later tonight. A poll worker at the precinct told The Politicker that 333 voters had turned out so far by that point earlier this afternoon, a decent amount but certainly not overwhelming.

“It’s hard to judge,” she said of the numbers. “I think the evening is when the rush comes.”

Her campaign had blanketed the various paths to the polling station (100 feet away from the entrance, according to the law) with about a dozen volunteers, mostly from unions supporting her candidacy, handing out literature to everybody they could.

Yet the difficulty of actually getting people to vote today was apparent. As a union volunteer for Mr. Lancman explained to us at the poll site, “I didn’t even know there was an election today until they called me.”

Voting continues until 9pm tonight.


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