Election Day: What Are You Watching–Reader Response, Pt. 2

vote icon2 Election Day: What Are You Watching  Reader Response, Pt. 2Another reader, who only wishes to describe himself as “an operative with working knowledge of the area” is going to be watching to see how well Rory Lancman does among Jewish voters in NY6, and wonders if his labor support ends up backfiring:

  • Here is a little take on NY-6:  The demographic that Rory Lancman is counting on, specifically the white, upper-middle, upwardly mobile, Jewish Community, (orthodox, modern orthodox, Bucharin et al) are not the kinds of voters (even the liberal voters among them) who get turned out by WFP and his Labor unions.  In fact, those operations may keep them FROM turning out.
  • While Rory Lancman certainly can lead on Israel issues, the other candidates will become quick reads and learn on the issue and therefore people won’t get as fired up on it with regards to Israel as say in the Jeffries-Barron race. – in other words, the City Council aid you just blogged about is entirely CORRECT in his/her analysis. 

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