Nicole Malliotakis’ Opponent Doesn’t Want to Talk About Fake Dog Testicles

142449150 Nicole Malliotakis Opponent Doesnt Want to Talk About Fake Dog Testicles
(Photo: Getty)

Yesterday evening, the Albany Times-Union reported that Staten Island Assemblywoman Nicole Malliotakis was dropping fake dog testicles, or “neuticles,” from her legislation banning unnecessary animal surgery, as, apparently, implanting them turned out to be far less invasive than originally thought. And late last night, John Mancuso, a Democrat challenging the freshman GOP lawmaker, declared neuticles to be an unnecessary distraction on Facebook.

“Neuticles? ……Really? How about worrying about the prescription pill epidemic, or the lack of funding for our public schools, or even the promises you made to expand the MTA and bus service,” he wrote. “Let’s start worrying about the real issues facing the 64th district and STOP chasing cameras and publishing non-sense.”

“Smoke screens and mirrors! The waste of tax payer money on such non-sense is sickening!” he exclamatorily added.

However, Ms. Malliotakis preempted skeptics in her own argument for the bill, telling the Times-Union, “Government’s role is to help not only vulnerable citizens, but those without a voice, defend themselves. That includes animals.”

And, apparently, these implants are a real thing. Kim Kardashian’s dog even has them.

If there are any further developments on this, we’ll be sure to update you.

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