Nancy Pelosi to Help Jerry Nadler Celebrate 20 Years in Congress

20 years 150x150 Nancy Pelosi to Help Jerry Nadler Celebrate 20 Years in CongressCongressman Jerry Nadler might not even have an opponent, but House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is still coming to town to help Mr. Nadler raise money and celebrate his upcoming 20th year in Congress. Mr. Nadler was first elected by hopping out of his Upper West Side Assembly District in a 1992 election (he was replaced in the State Assembly by a certain Scott Stringer).

It’s not exactly surprising that Mr. Nadler has a big name attending one of his fundraisers, in recent years he’s had multiple New York governors and senators, Bill and Hillary Clinton, most members of NYC congressional delegation, Attorney General Eric Schneiderman, as well a good portion of the 2013 mayoral contender field all attend his galas. And that’s without evening mentioning celebrities like Julianne Moore, Cynthia Nixon, Alec and Billy Baldwin, etc.

All to support a candidate who’s not only extremely safe in his heavily Democratic district, but who also has a relatively decent chance of not ever facing a serious opponent ever again.

View the invite below:

NadlerInvite2012 FINAL REV Invite 20120426

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