Juan Pagan to Challenge Brian Kavanagh

juan pagan Juan Pagan to Challenge Brian Kavanagh
Juan Pagan (Photo: Facebook)

Juan Pagan, a former City Council and State Assembly candidate, plans to challenge Assemblyman Brian Kavanagh in the Democratic primary this year.

“Yes, that’s my intention,” he directly told The Politicker when asked whether he’d take on the incumbent state legislator.

“One of the big issues is public education,” Mr. Pagan, who is now president of the parent’s association at Legacy High School, said of his platform. “What’s happening in the public schools and the co-locations are destroying the quality of the neighborhood and discriminating against the majority of families.”

Mr. Pagan previously ran for the exact same district in 2006 when both he and Mr. Kavanagh were challenging an incumbent, Sylvia Friedman, selected in a special election and running for a full term. Mr. Kavanagh, of course, emerged the victor and has easily held the seat since.

lifelong Loisaider hailing from the Puerto Rican community in this Lower East Side and East Village-based district, Mr. Pagan framed his campaign as one needed to meet the needs of an economically diverse area containing both public housing projects and rapidly gentrifying neighborhoods.

“Half of this community is working class, low-income constituents, the other half are well-to-do, affluent people,” he said. “We need a representation that looks out for all of the people.”

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