Eric Ulrich Picks Up Conservative Endorsement

eric ulrich fb2 Eric Ulrich Picks Up Conservative Endorsement
Eric Ulrich (Photo: Facebook)

While the Queens Republican Party can’t quite seem to get its act together and unify behind Councilman Eric Ulrich, the leading GOP candidate against Democratic Senator Joe Addabbo, the county’s Conservative Party gave Mr. Ulrich a fist bump with an official endorsement today.

“Eric understands that job creation is the key to strengthening our communities and putting New York back on the right path,” Queens Conservative Chairman Tom Long said in a statement. “He will fight for lower taxes on small businesses and provide incentives for businesses to hire and grow. We need new leaders in Albany, like Councilman Ulrich, who will focus on fixing the economy and making our neighborhoods safe.”

Left unmentioned in the announcement, of course, is Mr. Ulrich’s new primary opponent, Juan Reyes, who has the formal backing of the infamously fractious Queens Republican Party.

Today’s announcement is somewhat similar to the dynamic that played out when Rep. Anthony Weiner resigned last year. The Queens Republican Party pushed for Mr. Reyes to get the nomination, only to receive a push from forces like the Conservative Party for now-Congressman Bob Turner.

Unlike in 2011, however, there will be a Republican primary to settle the dispute this time.

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