David Axelrod Says He Forgives Cory Booker For Bain Brouhaha

david axelrod David Axelrod Says He Forgives Cory Booker For Bain Brouhaha
David Axelrod (Photo: Twitter)

Senior Obama campaign advisor David Axelrod told our colleagues over at PolitickerNJ that he has made his peace with Cory Booker in the wake of the controversy that dominated the news cycle this week following Mr. Booker’s comments he finds the Obama campaign’s attacks on Mitt Romney’s career at Bain Capital “nauseating.”

“We disagree, but to the extent that he clarified his remarks, I think it’s fine,” Mr. Axelrod said. 

On Monday, as the Bain brouhaha reached fever pitch, Mr. Axelrod criticized Mr. Booker’s comments as “just wrong” in a TV appearance. Amid the growing controversy, Mr. Booker clarified his comments, which were made on Sunday’s episode of Meet The Press with a YouTube video and an appearance on the Rachel Maddow Show.

Mr. Axelrod spoke to PolitickerNJ at an appearance in Wood-Ridge, New Jersey where he endorsed Democratic congressional candidate Steve Rothman. He also said he didn’t think Mr. Booker, who has been an Obama campaign surrogate, should stay off the campaign trail as a result of the controversy.

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