‘Metrosexual Black Abe Lincoln’ As Imagined By The Observer in 2008

obama abe lincoln Metrosexual Black Abe Lincoln As Imagined By The <em>Observer</em> in 2008
Obama as Lincoln drawn by Victor Juhasz in 2008.

Last week, a Super PAC’s plan to paint President Barack Obama as a “metrosexual black Abe Lincoln” dominated the news cycle. Here is the Observer‘s rendition of what that might look like drawn by artist Victor Juhasz for this paper’s cover in November 2008.

We found this picture thanks to the long memory and extensive archives of Scooter NY editor-in-chief Peter Feld. It doesn’t seem like we’ll ever see the Super PAC version of “black metrosexual Abe Lincoln” since the plan was subsequently disavowed by both the Romney campaign and the Super PAC itself.

Our Obama-as-Lincoln drawing was used for a story on early reports Hillary Clinton would be named Secretary of State in the Obama administration. The full cover image features Obama as Lincoln alongside Ms. Clinton, Joe Biden and a bearded Bill Clinton in 19th Century garb. Check it out below. obamalincoln cover Metrosexual Black Abe Lincoln As Imagined By The <em srcset=Observer in 2008 " width="349" height="381" />

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