Republicans Slam Elizabeth Warren For Hanging With Harry Belafonte

elizabeth warren Republicans Slam Elizabeth Warren For Hanging With Harry Belafonte
Elizabeth Warren (Photo: Getty)

Massachusetts Republicans criticized Democratic Senate hopeful Elizabeth Warren for having a New York fundraiser hosted by calypso singer Harry Belafonte. Mr. Belafonte drew the ire of conservatives in Ms. Warren’s home state because of his long history as an activist, which included vigorous, sometimes controversial, opposition to the Bush administration that has earned him villain status among some conservatives.

“Harry Belafonte’s anti-American views are extreme and repugnant. He has praised Castro and Chavez, blamed the United States for the terrorist attacks that took place on 9/11 and denounced America as a villain in world affairs,” MassGOP Executive Director Nate Little,” told the Boston Herald.

Bette Midler is co-hosting the fundraiser, which will take place in New York tomorrow. Ms. Warren is currently locked in a tight race with Republican freshman Scott Brown and has relied on Empire State fundraisers to keep her campaign coffers flush.

Ms. Warren’s campaign responded to the Herald‘s questions about the Belafonte/Midler fundraiser with a statement criticizing Mr. Brown for taking donations from the financial industry.

“Scott Brown ought to be explaining to the people of Massachusetts how he’s earned all his Wall Street money–it’s a record that’s got Forbes magazine calling him one of Wall Street’s favorite senators.”

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