Rangel: ‘I Would Not Know How To Do Something Immoral’

rangel3 Rangel: I Would Not Know How To Do Something ImmoralCharlie Rangel appeared on ‘Up Close’ over the weekend and was pressed on whether or not he intends to resign after winning election to give his seat to Assemblyman Keith Wright.

In a word, Mr. Rangel said that anybody who suggested such a thing knows nothing about him.

“Anyone who knows me–which includes reporters–would know that I would not know how to do something immoral, to tell my constituents that supported me for decades,  ‘Give me the opportunity  to represent you,’ and then during the course of that say I didn’t mean what I said.”

Whether or not Mr. Rangel is setting things up for Mr. Wright is uncertain, but this is certainly not the first time he has been accused of immorality, not after a lengthy House ethics trial last year in which he fended off charges that he abused his office.

He went on to say that in this matter, it’s “flattering” that people are accusing him of setting things up for Mr. Wright.

“In a sense it’s flattering because there is nothing else they can create as to why I shouldn’t be running and winning except that ‘As good as he is, I don’t think he is going to share that with us for two year,'”

Take a look:

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