In ‘Forward’ Web Video, Obama Campaign Looks Backward

barack obama back to our past In Forward Web Video, Obama Campaign Looks BackwardThis weekend, President Barack Obama will mark the beginning of his general election campaign with a series of rallies in the swing states of Virginia and Ohio; and in marking the start of the long campaign, the Obama campaign released a 7-minute long web video that lays out their themes going forward.

This decision is telegraphed in the very title of the video, “Forward,” which has been much mocked for seeming to borrow the same tagline as the left-leaning network MSNBC. 

But the Obama video is almost entirely a look back, rather than a look into what the next four years could look like under a President Obama. The video never once mentions Mitt Romney, Mr. Obama’s opponent, and not until the final minute or so does it pivot to a look towards the future. Continue reading “In ‘Forward’ Web Video, Obama Campaign Looks Backward”

Vibe, the Anonymous Twitter for Activists, Releases New Version for Big Occupy Wall Street Protest

Vibe, the anonymous microblogging service used during the Occupy Wall Street protests in the fall, is back. The app has a new release for iPhone and, later today, Android as well. The releases are timed to the citywide Occupy Wall Street protests planned for tomorrow.

Vibe works like Twitter, but users don’t have to register their names. Instead, a message is pinned to a specific location and shown only to users within the designated radius. Vibe also allows users to set an expiration date on their messages. Activists can use the service to coordinate in real-time, creator Hazem Sayed told Betabeat, and recently it’s been discovered by users in the Middle East.

The new features should make Vibe even more appealing to protesters. ”The main thing that’s been added is this idea of a double hashtag,” Mr. Sayed said. “Unlike the standard hashtag, where you put it in and it’s vis to everyone, a double hashtag makes that thread invisible. So if you do ##newyorkcity, it doesn’t show up in the public stream. The only way to find it is to search for it explicitly.” Read More

Akselrod Takes Formal Step in Cymbrowitz Challenge

ben akselrod1 Akselrod Takes Formal Step in Cymbrowitz Challenge
Ben Akselrod, left. (photo:

Earlier this month, The Politicker reported local politico Ben Akselrod was considering a primary challenge against Democratic Assemblyman Steve Cymbrowitz, and last Friday, Mr. Akselrod registered a campaign committee for that very seat, suggesting he’s moving forward with his plans.

Mr. Cymbrowitz, who won relatively narrowly in 2010 despite facing a neophyte opponent with $600 in his campaign account, was already in a precarious electoral position for the general election, especially considering the district delivered strongly for the Republican Party in two special elections that have occurred since. If Mr. Akselrod indeed challenges Mr. Cymbrowitz in the primary, that would only add to his electoral headache.

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Sources: Brad Lander Considering Run for Brooklyn Borough President

brad lander headshot Sources: Brad Lander Considering Run for Brooklyn Borough President
Brad Lander (photo:

City Councilman Brad Lander is weighing his options and considering a run to replace Marty Markowitz as Brooklyn Borough President in 2013, according to multiple sources. Reached by phone this morning, Mr. Lander did not deny his interest but said it was “very flattering” to have his name be in the mix.

Currently, only State Senator Eric Adams has openly declared his intentions to run for the seat, although a few others, like Assemblyman Nick Perry and State Senator Kevin Parker, have let their names be dropped as potential contenders as well. However, as The Politicker contended last Friday, this leaves electoral oxygen for another candidate to leap into the race.

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Grace Meng: No Concerns About Stavisky Endorsement [Update]

grace meng assembly Grace Meng: No Concerns About Stavisky Endorsement [Update]
Grace Meng (photo:

Last Friday, State Senator Toby Ann Stavisky announced she would move into a neighboring, Asian-majority State Senate district and seek reelection there rather than face a primary battle against her colleague Tony Avella. Notably headlining the event were two of the area’s Asian-American elected officials: Councilman Peter Koo and Assemblywoman — and congressional candidate — Grace Meng. Asked if she had any reservations endorsing Ms. Stavisky instead of an Asian candidate, Ms. Meng stressed Ms. Stavisky’s work on behalf of the community.

“Right now, we’re focusing on the congressional race obviously,” she said yesterday after an endorsement event from the Alliance of South Asian Labor where she had stressed the importance of adding to the diversity of Congress. “I mean, Toby happens to be someone that I have worked with extensively on issues relating to diversity and issues in our local community.”

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Morning Read: Towns Legacy; Obama’s New Slogan; Cuomo for Kelly?

The Times takes a look at the legacy of Ed Towns by interviewing community leaders, and find that “no one offered outright praise. Some offered mixed reviews. Most offered outright scorn.”

Andrew Cuomo is open to endorsing Ray Kelly if the eventual Democratic nominee takes policy positions at odds with his own, Fred Dicker reports.

City police and financial institutions are bracing themselves for Occupy Wall Street May Day protests. 

Eric Ulrich is bashing Joe Addabo for his gay marriage vote, even though his own record on that issue is complicatedContinue reading “Morning Read: Towns Legacy; Obama’s New Slogan; Cuomo for Kelly?”

Chris Christie Throws His Weight Behind Scott Walker

mitt romney chris christie Chris Christie Throws His Weight Behind Scott Walker
Mitt Romney and Chris Christie on stage together at a campaign event in New Hampshire January 8. (Photo: Getty)

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie is taking his show on the road and traveling to Wisconsin to stump for that state’s embattled governor, Scott Walker, who’s facing a recall election over his decision to eliminate collective bargaining for public employees. Mr. Christie’s trip to Wisconsin will kick off a summer tour of conservative events that will take him to Washington D.C., Kentucky and Chicago where he’s appearing at the regional conference of the Conservative Political Action Committee alongside Herman Cain, Michele Bachmann and Bobby Jindal. Continue reading “Chris Christie Throws His Weight Behind Scott Walker”